Friday, March 6, 2015

Pampers Diapers: A wonderful gift for lovely babies!

“Why is he crying so much?” asked my husband when we returned to hotel after offering our prayers to the lord Jaggannath at Puri temple.

“He must be hungry?” suggested my mother –in-law.

I tried to breastfeed my 8 months old son, but he avoided. I felt his bum but the diaper seemed dry. Then I gave him his gripe water thinking that he might be suffering from the colic pain.

“Give him to me, I will show him around the city scenes from the balcony,” suggested my Father-in-law.

But my son was relentlessly crying. Generally he enjoys being outside and being with people, but today I din’t know why he was crying?

“I think that he must be irritated with the heat of the sweltering summers, why don’t we give him a bath?” exhorted my mother-in-law.

And we did give him a bath and miraculously he stopped crying.  I put him on the couch all nangu- pangu only with a layer of talcum powder. I breastfed him and he slept a very beautiful sleep in the afternoon.

After my son slept, my in-laws went to their room to take the much needed siesta.

“It was my dream to bring my parents to this pious place, today, I am very happy that I could bring my parents to this place. Since my childhood, I had been hearing the wishes of my parents to visit this place,” shared my husband.

“Yes…they were really ecstatic when they saw the idols of the trio (lord Jaggannath, his sister Subhadra and his brother Balaram)”

“How about going to the Lingraj temple in Bhubaneswar from here?” asked my husband.

“But do we have budget and moreover we have train tickets booked for tomorrow.”

“Look, since we have come so near then why lose the chance to visit the temple? I agree that I should have planned for it earlier, but looking at the health of my parents I thought that I will take one place at a time. But now I have observed that tour to this place has filled them with new energy and they can visit this place as well. From Puri to Bhubaneswar it is just 4 odd hours ride. It will also be good for you too, you will get to see new places otherwise you are always confined in the household work. And for budget part ,I will manage you don’t worry,” explained my husband.

I was also very positive about the idea.

In the evening we decided to go to the beach of Puri.  The sea was really majestic. The guffaw of the tidal waves was scary and beautiful at the same time. The beach was full of different stalls with the sea foods. We also tasted some lip smacking delicacies. As we were making some shopping of souvenirs, my son again started crying and we had to make a bee line to the hotel.

I gave him again the gripe- water but again he did not respond to it. I don’t know what occurred to me that I decided to open his diaper. And my gosh! It was really drenched from inside despite being dry from outside. Now it dawned upon me that  in the afternoon he was crying due to the wet bottoms.  I had bought a very good brand of diapers from the market but it had failed to work.

Now, I had to do some brainstorming to decide upon a diaper that would remain dry from inside as well.  I went to a departmental store nearby the hotel and checked out the descriptions written on the different brands of diapers. When I checked the diapers by Pampers, it was written on the Pampers Baby -Dry- Pants that it could lock the liquid within the layer of the diaper and therefore would give the baby a dry feeling.

I bought and used it. And it really worked. We visited next day the temple and the beach of Puri again. And my son really enjoyed being in temple and at the beach. After Puri we visited Lingraj Temple in Bhubaneswar and other wonderful places like the caves of Udaigiri and Khandagiri in Bhubaneswar, and my son didn’t get troubled with the uneasiness of the wet bottoms at all. He loved the visits to a tee.

Our visit to Puri and Bhubaneswar became a memorable one and Pampers had a great deal of contribution in making the visits memorable.

P.S: This is a creative account  

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