Sunday, March 22, 2015

My Reasons for Happiness!

There are many things happening in the country that wear a gloomy masquerade. The news about ‘Rape’ in India is one of the major concerns and internationally people are using it to judge the males of India and overall impression about India. News channels and news papers are fraught with the news of ‘Rape’ everyday.

The pieces of information coming out on daily basis is really disheartening  but when I see scores of girls and women coming out of their homes going to their schools, colleges and offices defying all apprehensions of the dangers of the days and nights, my faith in inimitable zeal of feminine gender that can vanquish any odds gets reinstated. The indomitable will of girls and women to stare in the eyes of the dangers suggests that cowardice of some filthy mind can never have the last laugh in this country.  Every time, I see girls and women moving out of their homes in Delhi or any other part of the country for that matter, it gives me happiness and brings a smile on my lips. Happiness, because I see hopes in humanity being restored by the plucky pairs of legs that come out every day in the ring of life.

Every time, I see the news of cataclysmic floods, earthquakes or landslides devouring innumerable lives, my heart sinks. My mind starts to reason why the innocent lives had to stop breathing suddenly? My heart fills with the dejection and disappointment and I shudder to see the next day. But when I see a rainbow, it imbues my mind with immense happiness. Happiness, because the God, who can create a colourful painting using the colourless rainwater, can do any miracle. If the god can hang a rainbow in the sky without any support, then that God can very well support our lives and destiny with its invisible hands. And when the magnanimous might of God destroys anything there resides the seeds of life hidden in that destruction as well.

Whenever a traffic comes to a standstill and gives way for a ‘heart’ that needs to be transplanted in an ailing body; whenever a foreign- returned doctor cares about the health of the son of a rickshaw puller; and whenever bereaving parents donate the organs of their darlings to save the apple of eyes of others, it gives me immense happiness. Happiness, because even in the lap of adversity and luxury, people do not forget their basic human characteristics.

When I see children licking ice creams off their hands, smearing chocolates all over their faces, and giggling when they release the threads of balloons in the air I feel happiness. Happiness, because in this world when everything has become cosmetic and every expression of human beings seems fake, only children are capable of express pristine emotions of humanity.



  1. Liked reading your post. Beautifully and thoughtfully written. Coming straight from the heart, where happiness resides. :)

  2. I feel really ecstatic and honored to have you ( a wonderful and seasoned writer) as visitor of my blog.