Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A breakfast to remember!

It was a fine Sunday morning. I had come out to take a stroll in the park as usual.  It being a Sunday, the park was bustling with people. Generally, people who don’t prefer to exercise on the weekdays; they make it a point to go to the parks or other fitness centers on the weekends.

The park was a riot of colors. Every hue of the flowers present in the park was resplendent in its magnanimity. The grass smeared with the dew was a soothing mat to rub your feet on. You could find all kinds of brands of sports wears in the park. These parks are kind of good observation centers for the companies selling sports merchandise.

 “Good Morning Sharma Jee!” greeted Gupta Jee who lived in the same apartment where I lived.

“Good Morning!” I greeted back.

“Where are Bhabhi Jee and children?” asked Gupta Jee who had come to the park with his family.

“Yesterday evening my wife and children went to the marriage of my Brother-in-law.”

“You didn’t go?”

“I would be joining them after two days, on the very day of marriage.”

“Ok…ok… so how is life?”

“There is a lot of pressure in the marketing department of banks these days Gupta Jee, things are not that easy as it used to be 15 -20 years ago. Now, job in banking is tough there is so much of competition.”

“I can understand… but the completion is also good for the growth of the economy.”

“Yes… you are a professor of economics so you can look into the things at a deeper level. But for us mere mortals a comfortable job is all we want.”

“ha ha ha … mere mortals…. I am also a mere mortal Sharma Jee.”

The sun was getting sharper with its rays. So we decided to go back. Gupta jee called out to Mrs. Gupta and children who were busy with the swings in the park. 

“Why don’t you take the breakfast with us Sharma Jee?” suggested Gupta Jee.

“Yes, Bhai sahib, it would be really nice if you could come over for the breakfast,” added Mrs. Gupta.
Since, I also wanted to get away from the hassles of preparing the breakfast, I accepted their invitation.

I got freshen up and reached the home of the Guptas’.  

Mr. Gupta and I chatted on the breakfast table over the issues ranging from political arena of the country to the education of the children while Mrs. Gupta was preparing the breakfast. Mr. Gupta also time to time went in the kitchen to help Mrs. Gupta in the preparation of the breakfast.

When the breakfast arrived, I got bowled over by the different kinds of preparations in the breakfast. And the intriguing part was that Kellogg’s cornflakes were used to prepare all the scrumptious items of the breakfast.

Be it the Cornflakes Malai Gujhiya, Conflakes MawaHalwa or Cornflakes Date Shake everything was so lip-smacking and marvelous. Perhaps I had had such delectable and mouth- watering breakfast in years. 

I thanked Mr. Gupta and Mrs. Gupta profusely for the breakfast and came back to my house.

I told about the toothsome Kellogg’s Cornflakes breakfast at Gupta jee’s house to my wife later when we returned from the marriage.  And since then Gupta Jee became Kellogg’s wale Gupta Jee for our family.

And after my first breakfast at the Gupta's I looked for opportunities to have a breakfast at the Gupta Jee's house at regular intervals. On some occasions my wife also accompanied me and enjoyed the mouth watering  Kellogg's recipes.