Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Dabur Chyawanprash: A Big Thank You to You!!!!!!

“If this is the situation with Shrishti then I am sorry she cannot take part in the play,” announced the teacher of Shrishti .

Shrishti, my 10 years old daughter, who used to be one of the chirpiest and bubbly kid was in the clutch of acute cough. She had suffered a bout of uncontrollable cough  during rehearsal of her play. And that is why her teacher was reacting this way.

Whole day shrishti remained crestfallen. I took her to the zoo and then to a running circus in the city but her mood didn’t lift up. We came back frazzled and despondent.

She went to her room and cried inconsolably clutching the picture of her father. This really gave a shudder down my spine. Today, she was missing her dad miserably. It was first time in one year that she had missed him so much after his passing away.

I didn’t intervene her moments with her father.

Days were passing by she was going to school but remained listless.

She was no more in the ‘Play’ group but even then she used to rehears her part in home before the mirror. And again the restive, stubborn cough used to put impediments in her rehearsals.

I had tried consulting best of doctors and best of medicines for her. Doctors said that she had allergy to rainy season and due to weak immunity system she suffered from such recurrent coughs. They said that after having medicines for some time, she will become fine. But after having tablets and syrups prescribed by doctors, she used to feel frazzled and drowsy. And, I couldn't help her.

Her all daily activities along with her studies were getting seriously affected. I knew that she tried hard to concentrate on her studies but due to the difficulties posed by the cough she was being unable to do so.

One day I was browsing through a magazine and there I found an advertisement about  Dabar Chyawanprash. It talked about increasing the immunity of the body 3 times. Its ingredients like Amla and Giloy had the properties to strengthen the immune system by leaps and bounds. And it also informed that the ingredients will help energize the body instead of enervating it.

I was little skeptical about the claims, as I had used so many medicines for my child that my mind was in no mood to agree to the claims of the  Dabur advertisement. But mother in me was pushing me to try it. My analytical banker mind gave way to emotional mother mind.

I bought the jar of Dabur Chyawanprash returning from my office,and started giving it to Shrishti the same day.  Some ten days must have passed after starting the Dabur Chaywanprash that in the middle of the night I suddenly realized the wonders of Dabur Chyawanprash. My child was in her deep sleep and not for a single time did she cough. I kept watching the tranquil face of my child whole night.

Next day, teacher of Shrishti rang me up and expressed surprised on how Shrishti could deliver a long dialog in the rehearsal of a play without any hiccups and coughing of course. She informed that she had selected Shrishti as the leading rabbit of the play.

My happiness knew no bounds and I knew whom to thank… Dabur Chayawanprash!

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