Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Different Gods!

Hindu Gods have always been, at least from the point when they stopped to exist on this earth, a matter of intrigue and investigation for people on earth. Everyone looks at them with their own perception.

I am trying to sketch out some of those perceptions.

Highly Intellectual Perception:
People equipped with such perception will see… err they will investigate Hindu Gods through their super human brains. And this super human brain insists that it is also as supreme as the notion of god itself. They will not accept prior- created perceptions about God rather they would create their own perception. And this perception might entail complex psycho-sexual analysis of Gods as well. With their ornate language, they weave a world of gods that is only for intelligentsia to understand. They don’t fear God; their god is not sacrosanct. They twist and break the perception of God and then fashion a brand new perception of God. Their God is complex for commoners to understand but they claim that their God is for real.

Other Commoners’ Perception:
People who are uninitiated in the thought process of intellectual writers, they perceive their gods in simple terms of give and take. They would give their offerings of puja and in return would ask for good health and good wealth. Such people can be found across all strata of India. Upper, Middle, Lower: all classes of India try to see God as their savior in the time of distress. Gods of such people are plain and simple. Commoners fear their God contrary to the highly intellectual people. Gods of such people are sacrosanct. They don’t investigate Gods. They only follow what they have been taught by their ancestors. And they also claim that their god is for real.

Dangling between complexity and simplicity, reality and illusion, the perception of God has been alive for eons. More investigations and more perceptions will evolve in future as well but perhaps the simple form of God i.e. the form of savior will exist for ever and for sure!


  1. Your thoughts on Gods are to some extent agreeable and are your own perception but I differ in my own. You have missed people who actually live the life of simplicity and their power of belief which creates positivism among the needed ones. There are still humans who have that scared powers and willingly offer helps for those who believe and come to them and I'm not talking about the people coming under Highly Intellectual Perception.

  2. Point Well Taken!

    Thanks for giving your precious views.

  3. Well- written post. God in the form of savior will indeed exist at least till humans continue to have crisis and need help, i.e forever. It doesn't matter what a person believes in, when he is desperate, he wants a miracle.

  4. Yes True.

    Thanks for your words of appreciation Kiran.

  5. Great to read your views on God. A very complex subject for me. I think it is the faith that matters.

  6. True Indrani, it is surely the faith that matters.

    Thanks for your visit and comment.

  7. It's a belief. Great to read your views. For me, it's something which calms me down in times of stress.

  8. Thanx Saru for visiting and sharing your thoughts.

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