Saturday, November 22, 2014

Power of Dabur Chyawanprash!!!

Nikhil, my twelve years old nephew, is a sportsman at heart. Today at the annual function day he has been given the award for best sportsperson of the year.

But there was a time when we could not have thought of him getting this award. Some two years ago he fell ill due to typhoid. And after that he used to remain listless. My brother and sister-in-law were really worried seeing the chirpy and sporty self of their son washed away.

After that typhoid episode, he started falling sick of cough and cold frequently. He had to miss his school for that as well. He was a very good player of football. But now due to his frail body he was not being able to relish the game. Every time he tried his hand at the football in the rain and he came home shivering, sneezing and down with fever. Earlier we thought that it is because of getting drenched in the rain and things will look up in other seasons.

But we observed that every season was playing havoc on his body. In the winter, he used to feel excessive cold and that is why he felt sick and in the summers he could not tolerate the sweltering heat and came home thoroughly fatigued. Whole family was really worried seeing his state of health.

We consulted best of doctors in the city. A range of medicines were advised by doctors to improve his immunity and allergy to the changing weathers. We had thought that after 10 days of medicines he would be O.K. but no... we were wrong, he needed a long term medication to improve his immunity. We waited for some six months and observed that various medicines have made him only medicine dependent and his energy level was also decreasing.

He was an apple of eye for his parents, both my brother and sister-in-law used to remain depressed and worried for his health. My sister-in-law is a very emotional and sensitive person. Furthermore, she had lost her brother to some illness in her childhood and that loss has created a kind of depressive inclination in her mind.

She started doing fasts for the good health of her child and this started to show a negative impact on her health too. Her blood pressure started showing fluctuations and for that we had to admit her in a hospital.
“Hey Rakesh!” a voice called me as I was going to enter the ward of my sister-in-law. When I turned back I saw my old friend cladding a doctor’s apron with stethoscope dangling around his neck.

“How are you buddy?” he asked enthusiastically as we were meeting after such a long time… but after seeing my despondent face he enquired “What is the matter?”

I explained to him everything. He went alongwith me to my sister-in-law’s bed and checked her up.

“Look there is nothing to worry, actually she has gone into a depression mode and that is why there is the fluctuation in the blood pressure, she will be perfectly fine after having medicines for a week… but the root cause of her problem is her son’s health so we need to tackle that as well… have you ever tried the Dabur Chyawanprash for your nephew?”

“No?” I was thinking that being a doctor he would list out some hard to pronounce name of a medicine but to my utter surprise he was talking about Dabur Chyawanprash.

“Look the ingredients  like Amla and Giloy  found in Dabur Chyawanprash are rich in anti -oxidants  that help strengthen the immune system by 3 fold naturally and without any side effects. You start giving the Dabur Chyawanprash and see its power.”

Coming out of his chamber,I phoned to my brother in his office and asked him to buy a jar of Dabur Chyawanprash while coming back from office.

We started giving my nephew the full heap of DaburChyawanprash the same day and in just ten days we could see the difference in his health.  On the 30th day of starting of the Dabur Chyawnprash, he came full drenched and to our surprise he didn’t sneeze for a single time and he didn’t have fever either. And gradually he had again become a healthy boy and a wonderful footballer.Later, my sister-in-law also regained her health.

I really thank the power of Dabur Chyawanprash for returning the happiness of my family.


  1. Dabur Chyawanprash is really very helpful specially fore winters. I have a habit of regular in taking of Chyawanprash early in the morning before departure to office and it keeps me steady the whole day. I will surely recommend this to all the people from kids to aged please have it and stay perfectly fine and stay away from cold and cough as well.

    1. thanx Shreya for coming to my blog and commenting.