Saturday, December 27, 2014

The truth that brought them together!

Rahul was very excited today. His sweetheart (at least he used to consider her as his sweetheart)  Kavya had consented to come for a dinner at a city restaurant. Rahul and Kavya worked at the same advertising company. They were very good friends. But Rahul wanted this friendship to take to a new level. And he had decided that today he will reveal his love for Kavya.

He had reached half an hour before the time to the restaurant to prepare for the situation where  he encounters Kayva and tells her the secret buried in his heart for last two years.

At seven o’ clock sharp, Kavya entered the restaurant.

“Where are others?” asked Kavya.

Actually Rahul had told her that he was throwing a small party for the salary hike that he had got inviting just 3-4 close friends. And that is why Kavya asked about others.

“They must be coming… we are Indians after all… punctuality is not in our genes.” Rahul tried to answer her question with layers of lie mingled with confidence.

“You say what you will have for starters?” asked Rohan.

“I like only tomato soup as starters,” answered Kavya.

“I also like the tomato soup.”

After ten minutes the waiter served them the soup.

“The interior of this restaurant is quite soothing, don’t you think Kavya?” said Rahul sipping on the piping hot soup.

“Umm… yes, it is quite relaxing… but why others have not come yet?” asked Kavya looking at her watch.

“Actually Kavya, I had told you lie…no other persons are invited.”

“What? But why… may I know the reason behind the lie.”

“Yes there is a very personal reason behind it.”


“First you order the main course and then I will tell you.”

“No… first you tell me the reason or I will go.”

“No … no... you stay here I will tell you.”

“Actually, I want to confess something to you.”


“Actually I have been thinking  to tell you this for so long…I have a feeling for you…I… love you.”

“What? But we are friends Rahul.”

“Yes we are but I want to move to the next level. I would like to marry you… see I find you the perfect one for becoming my life partner.”

“Umm…give me some time to think over it.” Saying Kavya started rising up from the chair.

“ But have the meal at least.”

“No no… I am not that hungry.”

“Shit… what did I do? I should have waited till the main course,” Rahul cursed himself.

Next day he was eagerly waiting for Kavya in the office, but she didn’t come. He tried her phone number but that was also not reachable.

For next 7 days he was restless as there was no contact with Kavya. On the eighth day, he got a call from her. She told that she had thought over a lot on the issue of restaurant night and she wanted to talk over it. 

This time she invited Rahul to that restaurant where they had earlier met.

“You know Rahul life is more than the emotion of love… it has other emotions as well.”

“But I have only emotion of love for you and that too in abundance.”

“But we hardly know each other.”

“Whatever I know about is fine for me.”

“You know nothing about me.”

“What is it that I don’t know about you? I know that you are a wonderful human being and a beautiful personality and that is what I want to know.”

“No you must know other aspects of me as well and I know that after knowing that you think about me differently.”

“What differently? Are you lesbian?” Rahul asked bluntly.

“No no… it is not that… actually I am an unmarried mother of a 2 years old girl.”

“What! … I mean how?”

“I used to love a guy and used to think that he also loved me. But when I got pregnant the demon in him came out and he forcefully took me to doctor for abortion but I vehemently refused. He left me but I could never leave the life burgeoning inside me. So, today I am a mom and I was talking about this emotion. Now I am sure that you will start thinking about me differently. You can call me whore, slut or anything that you want but I wanted to let you know about this aspect of my life. Look this is what I am and I think that this revelation about me has left you befuddled to say anything. I can understand what you must be going through. Anyways I will take your leave now.”

Rahul felt thunderstruck. He didn’t move for a while from the seat.

Kavya was feeling really relieved after telling all about her to Rahul. Incidentally, she had also developed a soft corner for him but given her situation she thought that she didn’t deserve anyone now. Frazzled by the travel of the metro, she reached her home and was in for a big surprise. There was Rahul playing with her daughter and her mother.

“Now… today… before whole of your family, I want to ask you hand in marriage,” proposed Rahul with all drama.

“Look you will always remain my love Kavya your reality will not let me think differently about you as you have wanted,” whispered Rahul to Kavya.

Kavya only blushed in the reply of the proposition.


  1. This is what is actually called love. Love does not depend on anything like wise it can happen to anybody anywhere. We should listen to our heart...Awesome post and thought. Thank u for sharing.

    1. Glad that you liked it Shreya. Thanks for visiting and commenting.