Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sisters: Fountainhead of love and life

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Care and affection has personified in the shape of sisters. Whether they are elder or younger, the longing for their brothers refuge to recede. The unqualified and unconditional warmth that they proffer to their brothers is unparalleled in terms of relationships.
Irrespective of age, sisters understand and fulfill their responsibility to a tee. Even if she is a toddler of five or a dodderer of sixty, the level of love remains the same in her heart for her brother.  Despite making  several relationships in her journey of life -- such as being a wife to someone, being a sister or daughter-in-law to someone-- she never forgets that she is also a sister of someone and her love remains undivided and unscathed for her brother.
They are as delicate as the petals of a flower but will support you in your need of hour with toughness of a rock. They are like melodious note of a flute but will roar like a cloud when you are in a danger and save you. The fortitude and valor of sisters make feminine emotions sublime and on many occasions the hollow hubris of masculinity seems dwarf before them. Because women are sisters also, the womanhood gets a different angle of fondness that is as limitless as the bosom of the sky. 
The purity of care and sincerity of affection makes the role of a sister inimitable in a life of a brother. A sister never stops to be a sister even if a brother forgets to be a brother. And that is the beauty of being a sister.
People are lucky who have sisters because they can experience the love that is divine and care that is pure. The female feticide in our country makes many brothers bereft of this wonderful feeling of being in a cozy and lovely company of a sister. I hope some sense prevails on the psyche of Indian population and a day comes when the birth of a sister is not considered a curse in this country.
Happy Rakshabandhan!!!!!


  1. very well sisters speed posted rakhi to me from Kolkata...i know how lucky i am

  2. Really...people who have sisters are lucky...
    Good post...keep it up.

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  4. Happy Rakshabandhan:) Waiting for my bro to arrive today...:)

    Reachd here via Sujatha's blog:)

  5. @SUB:Thanx for commenting as ever!
    @DEEPAK: Thanx for ur encouraging comments.
    @SUJATHA: Thanx for the award dear!!
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  6. very well penned down. its lucky to have lovely bro and sisters. :)

  7. @ Some Unspoken Words:Thanx for continuously comming and commenting to my blog posts.

  8. I have a younger brother. We don't actually celebrate Raksha Bandhan here. We celebrate this relationship on Nagapanchami where sister invites brother(s) home and feed them all delicacies. They also wash brother's back with milk so that his life would be peaceful (white symbolizes peace. So, milk is used.)
    We should be grateful to our parents for giving us this lovely relationship. :)

  9. @ Spicy Sweet:yes, we should be grateful indeed.Thanx for writing about the cultural background of this beautiful relation in your part of the country.Whatever be the symbols for the relationship between brother(s)and sister(s)the love remains the same across the country and ... the world.Thanx for ur sweet comment.