Saturday, August 6, 2011

I Am Sorry!

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I still have warmth of your smile (that once you gave me as a gift for becoming your friend) stashed away in closet of my heart. Today, when you seem aloof and away, I am trying hard to keep that warmth warm, as the coldness of time seems to have indomitable will to trounce me.
But I will fight the time tooth and nail and save the warmth at any cost.
I still have shimmer of your eyes frozen in my eyes that you gave me as assurance that you will never move away from my life. Now when you seem upset and angry with me, the storm of tears is wickedly smiling that they will wipe that shimmer off my eyes.
But I will fight the tears with every ounce of energy in my body to save the shimmer of your eyes etched in my eyes. Even if I need to cry badly, I will cry from my heart and shed drops of blood but will never allow tears to beat me.
I still have aroma of your personality ensconced in my soul. The stench of demonic episodes of life is trying hard to wear off the fragrance of your being.
But I will fight till my last breath to preserve the passion of your personality and delight of your demeanor that reside cozily in my soul and will give those episodes a tough fight.
If at any point in time you have been forced to doubt my sincerity to shield your feelings and memories, then it must have been because of any shortcomings of mine. And I am really sorry for that!


  1. True friends will never doubt you. They will always trust till eternity. So never feel sorry :).Happy Friendship Day. :)

    Wonderful Post!!

  2. @Shalini:Thanx for ur lovely comments.

  3. it happens.but if ur frnd is true will come back.give some time. nice reading it.

  4. @ Some unspoken words: Thanx for ur comments.Yes u r right!

  5. sorry is the toughest word to say. reading this post we know u mean every alphabet in it. ur friend will understnd
    cheers :)

    1. I am sorry for not replying.Except my delayed thanks for your visit and comment.

      Yes, you are right but once we say so we feel lighter as well.

  6. Those blurred out words in the pic is so apt with the topic, as the voice dies out when we say sorry from heart.
    People on the other side should be considerate to forgive and forget.
    Lovely write-up.
    "wickedly smiling" there is a lot of pain in the post.

    1. Yes,I was feeling sad and in those moments of sadness I wrote this that is why the pain is there.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting.