Sunday, August 21, 2011

God of Monetary Things!

What is God? Is it a feeling or an emotion? Perhaps it is both. God is alive as long as we believe it to be alive. It is alive as long as we wish it to be alive. And it is alive in those places where we believe it to be alive.
Once we stop believing, God stops to reside in those places. What remains is only a stationary stone.
But as long as we believe in God, there is a crowd around temples. And this crowd is mad to get a glimpse of their beloved God. Serpentine lines before a particular temple is proof that the God of that temple is real and all prayers are heard.
People frazzled with their daily situations seek the refuge of God to get reprieve from those situations.
But their problem only increases when brokers of God (i.e. Pujaris of Temples) trap them and exact several notes of rupees in the name of various pujas.  The real essence of God and devotion gets a beating when innocent devotees of God are cheated.
If God is sold and bought then the meaning of God dies. What remains is a rotten ritual!


  1. so true. god exists its our holy belief. :)

  2. Agreed. We believe in God because there are uncertainties in life. When the roads are rough, when the going gets tough, there should be someone powerful who we think will get us through the situation unscathed.
    Some people make money out of it as you said. The weak situation makes us believe everything and anyone who claims to be close to God.

    Well written post Neeraj.
    Sorry. I could not catch up with your posts lately. Will catch up with it.

  3. @ Some Unspokem words: thanx for commenting ur view.
    @ Spicy Sweet: No problem at all as long as you are reading my posts even if it is late. I really feel indebted to you for your detailed appraisal of my posts. Thanx a lot!!!!

  4. Earlier rituals were made with apt meaning but
    now we maintain some rituals without knowing the meaning :)
    To make our life meaningful we must try to know the reason behind why & for what we do something :) if we find that answer, then everyone will understand that God is within us no need to search of him/her elsewhere!

    lovely topic & truthful words :) really enjoyed it.keep writing & smiling always :)

  5. @Sowmya:you have said it all.
    Thanx for visiting and commenting Sowmya