Thursday, August 25, 2011

R.I.P My Dream!

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One day, as usual, I was running to earn my bread and suddenly something pricked one of my legs. I was in hurry, so neglected that prick. I kept on running. I Went to my work place and was busy there the whole day. Amid the din of livelihood, the mind couldn’t feel the pain of the prick the whole day. As usual, the day ended with its routine adjectives and I once again prepared myself to be a part of the restless throng in search of rest after a tiring day.
I got pushed by the power of the multitude to my house.
 I was tired to the core and fell flat on my bed with a thud. The numbness of fatigue kept me under its thrall for half an hour. When I got emancipated from the serfdom of fatigue, the sound of pain in my leg, knocked on the doors of my mind. I lifted my leg and when I looked the sole of my leg, I was stunned!
It was a piece of my dream that had pierced my sole.
 In the frantic race of life, I couldn’t give heed to the delicate dream of mine. And when it slipped from my mind and got into smithereens, I was so engrossed in the commotion of mundane life that I couldn’t hear the cries of my dream. It fell and got mutilated.
I stood up from the bed and ran as fast as I could in the direction of the busy square. Now it was quiet and away from the hustle bustle of mornings. I started looking for the other parts of my dream. Suddenly, my eyeballs noticed the bruised body of my dream. It was trampled badly by the legs of livelihood.
I lifted it on my palms, it was hardly breathing. However I tried to resuscitate life into it, I failed and my dream breathed its last before my eyes. It didn’t have any grievances from me that why I didn’t care for it? It just silently passed away, without blaming me.
I started sobbing but it didn’t care for my tears and evaporated in the sky: from where it had come. I couldn’t help it see the days of youth, my dream died young. R.I.P my dream!


  1. life does give you a second chance, sometimes quietly...dream bigger, stronger and from the heart.....dreams do come true..! have faith....

  2. Dreams ALWAYS come true if you keep faith.
    It happened for me. :)

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    The Tablet Revolutionary

    WOW!! I am stunned Neeraj!
    You have wonderful imagination and hence you will have beautiful dreams. More and more.
    LOVED the write-up!

  4. Beautiful! Many have crushed dreams. Few can express it like this.

  5. expressed very well. have beautiful dreams and then instead of sobbing u will smile

  6. ohhhh! How can we be so ignorant.. I know we are.. No time or no interest. Not sure what but we are ignorant.. Very well written.

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