Tuesday, May 19, 2015

My first expert!

I never felt that engrossed in the studies at the school on my birthday. I used to eagerly wait for the school to get over on my birthday. Actually, I used to go to the hospital to meet my father on my birthdays. And on the 9th of every month I used to celebrate my birthday. My mother had devised a plan to celebrate my birthday in every month so that my father who was in a coma would get to experience at least one happiness every month.

Doctors had told that doing so would help him recover quickly.

On my birthdays, I used to do make up and dress up like a fairy. I used to prepare a dance and a song on Sundays to perform before my father. My mother used to go to the hospital everyday after coming from the office. She used to be frazzled by the hectic day but she never skipped a day going to the hospital.

I used to go to the hospital with my mother in her car. She was a damn good driver. One time we were returning from the hospital and the car broke down. It was kind of a desolate place till one kilometer. There was no mechanic in the view. My mother tried calling to our mechanic but he said that it would take him at least two hours as he was busy with some other car at the end of the city which had also broken down.

I was really getting anxious but my mother remained calm. She reached to the rear of the car and brought some wrench. She opened the bonnet of the car and with the help of the wrench she pulled out all the three plugs. She cleaned the tip of the plugs with the finesse of a seasoned mechanic. She put the plugs back in their places and tried igniting the engine and the engine got ignited in a second. That was kind of a miracle for me. I was observing my mother all the while she was doing all the painstaking job of the repairing of the car. She didn’t seem fazed at all. She was unruffled and tranquil like the moon sleeping in the lap of the sky. 

After that incident I witnessed that she repaired the car on many occasions. I used to watch her very closely observe the car when it used to be dissected by the mechanic. Many a times she used to guide the mechanic as to the probable problems with the car.

Seeing my mother involved with the car so much, gradually I developed the inclination towards learning the niceties of automobile. That led me to doing automobile engineering. Now I work with a top automobile company in Germany. People call me that I am an expert of automobile engineering. But the first and the best expert that I ever knew was my mom.

I have brought my parents to Germany as well.  Doctors have said that my dad might never wake up again but my mom has not lost hope. I also believe in her belief because she is an expert and experts are seldom wrong!
P.S: This is a creative account!


  1. Wow, that's so good to know about you, Neeraj! The credit definitely goes to your Mom.

    I hope your Dad recovers soon.

  2. Actually that is a creative story Alok, so ... I have mentioned that fact at the end of the write-up.

    Anyways thanks for your visit.