Friday, May 15, 2015

“My Airtel App”: The savior for my Daughter-in-law!

I am a typical Indian Saasu Maa. I always look for an instance to belittle my daughter-in-law. Yes, she is my only one daughter-in-law but this doesn’t deter me to find a moment to make her feel the heat of my domineering behavior. You might be thinking that I am a cantankerous old lady and let me inform you that you are right. I am very bad when it comes to make my daughter-in-law feel a wretched soul. 

I pick out even an iota of mistake in the jobs done by her. My finicky behavior about the cleanliness of utensils and cloths has always put my daughter-in-law on tenterhooks. When I see the lines of anxiety on her face after listening to my rebuking, I feel an inimitable sense of mirth in my heart. 

When my husband and my son are in the house, they do all what they can to let her go unscathed from my wicked machinations. And that is when I feel dejected as they thwart my entire plan rule over her.

One time, my husband and my son both were out of the city owing to their official jobs. And it gave me a wonderful opportunity to rule over my daughter-in-law. But I observed that she had also become preemptive in her behavior. 

Perhaps she was expecting my inroads in the days when her saviors were not at home, because, even after searching for a while I couldn’t find any mistakes in her jobs. Disappointed, I sat before the T.V set and started surfing different channels for my favorite saas-bahu serials. When I was fully engrossed in one of the shows, the T.V flashed a message to recharge the DTH. I felt really disappointed that I had to leave my serial at the crucial juncture but the next moment my disappointment vanished as I saw this as an opportunity to rule my daughter-in-law. I told her in a stern voice that why the recharge was not done in time, I knew that now she would sob and call to her husband. But she didn’t show any signs of tears in her eyes and said that I waited for a moment and the T.V channels would start again. And in exact 20 seconds the T.V became alive again. My head got a dosage of dizziness.   “How come this worthless fellow could do such a magic of recharging a DTH service in a few seconds?”  I asked myself.

One day, I was talking to my cousin after so long time but when our gossip was at its best my phone got cut. When I checked my phone it showed that it needed a recharge. Now again I had the opportunity to trouble my darling daughter-in-law. I knew that she would have to go to a recharging shop in the scorching heat of May to get my phone recharged. I was dead sure that now I would get to see a pensive face of my daughter in law. But again, I had to experience disappointment as my phone got recharged in just few seconds and my daughter-in-law didn’t even budge from her seat.

The other day,I was shopping with my daughter- in- law in a mall, there I saw Café Coffee Day, I went straight there and ordered a mouthwatering recipe of a cake. You see, I am a great glutton when it comes to cakes. When I was finished with my cake I asked my daughter in law in a chiding tone: “Couldn’t have you stopped me gorging on this expensive cake? And why would you, it is my son’s money that has been spent not your father’s!” She didn’t seem fazed by my irrational attack on her. She remained calm for some time and then said that the scrumptious and expensive cake that I just eat was completely free and my son lost a chance to become a pauper overnight.

Now she was talking back. I wanted to know what or who was behind her confidence. I called my cousin sister for the chugli session and explained her everything strange that was happening with me. Then, she told me about the savior of my daughter-in-law. It was the “My Airtel App” from airtel that was playing savior to my daughter-in-law on all the three occasions. She explained me the reasons behind the swift recharges and how one accumulates redeemable coupon on every recharge and that redeemable coupons had resulted into a free cake treat at Café Coffee Day.

The airtel app played a role in diminishing my bitterness towards my daughter-in-law, because I wanted free cakes again!


P.S: This is a creative account!

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