Thursday, May 7, 2015

Ek Nayi League: One new hope!

When my son was 10 years old he showed an inclination to play football. He was handpicked by the school sports teacher. Since then he got himself utterly immersed in the game. He used to go to different states of the country representing his school and on many occasions he represented the state as well.

I am a daily wage earner. My life has always been entangled in complexities to arrange the meals for three times a day for my family that consists of my wife and my three children. My world was only limited to my city. But when my son used to come from other parts of the country and tell us stories about the big cities my eyes used to dilate in wonder. I used to feel really proud of my son.

My son had been really dedicated to the game. Early in the morning he used to wake up and rush to the practice ground. Making 10 rounds to warm his body up was a ritual. I used to feel dizzy at the amount of numbers of rounds that he used to take. I am kind of a lazy person who relishes sleeping late in the morning and exercising in the morning had never been my cup of tea. But my son was in a stark contrast to me. He had made his muscles very strong by different kinds of exercises. And he had reaped the fruits of his strong muscles as well.
He was very good at dodging the opponents. He used to be the highest goal scorer of the game. Many a times he was adjudged best player of the tournament as well.

He was not dedicated only to improve his game alone but he was also very enthusiastic about coaching the younger lot. His coach used to say that one day he would play for the country and then he would also get a government job. At the mention of government job my eyes used to sparkle. Nobody in my family had ever been in the government job. We had always been labor class pandering to the needs of the development of the society. But I saw the dream of generations transmuting into reality in the form of my son.

A day came when my son got elected in the national team. And I thought that my dream of seeing my son work in the govt. job will get fulfilled soon. A year passed and then the next but the govt. job was nowhere in the picture. Meanwhile a fellow laborer’s son cracked IIT. I didn’t know what it meant. He told me that his son had got enrolled in a coaching center in a talent hunt and after that he cleared the exam. He informed me that now future of his son was almost settled and so was his.

I never knew that playing a game would be such a waste for my son in this country. I never knew that only being good at studies had a meaning in this country. Today, my son is in the trauma ward of a govt. hospital. He had attempted suicide in the desperation of joblessness last night. Now he is out of danger but his future remains still uncertain.

But then the doctor, who is treating my son, gives me a ray of hope. He tells me about the EkNayiLeague endeavour by Mr. Kapil Dev. In this EkNayiLeague endeavour, now every sportsperson would be given a sure job opportunity and furthermore this endeavour would make the sports an essential part of the curricula in the schools. Moreover, it would make sure that sports persons are given the respect that they deserve. EkNayiLeague resuscitated my languishing hopes in life.

P.S: This is a creative account