Sunday, January 25, 2015

Garnier Pure Active Neem: A Name that creates friendships!

I used to live in a girls’ hostel in Mumbai. I came to Mumbai in search of a job. Actually, I came from a rural place in Kolhapur. My farmer father was finding it very difficult to keep the pot boiling for the family amid the increasing interest rates of loan, so I decided to move to Mumbai in order to support my family.

I couldn’t study beyond 10th so it was all the more difficult to find a job that was decent paying. I contacted one aunt who was my distant relative to search a job for me. She searched a job of attendant in a big beauty parlour. But again the catch was that I had not at all ever remotely been in touch with the knowledge of beauty enhancing techniques. But I thank my proprietor ma’am to take me under her auspices to train me.

Now after two years of continuous training, I can say that I am an expert in all the beauty enhancing techniques. Now customers also look after me when they drop in for a manicure or a pedicure.
Now I was earning enough for my stay in Mumbai and support of my family in the village.

Things were going smooth and I was feeling self -confident in my life. 

One day the in-charge of the hostel informed that I will have a new room-mate as my old room-mate was moving out after getting married.

My new room-mate had come to the room by the afternoon; I joined her in the evening.
“Don’t mess with me…don’t encroach in my space…I am not here to make friends, I have left my house to become a model and that is why I have to live in this cheap hostel with a cheap room-mate like you.” She said strait as I came to the room and threw my clothes that were dangling on rope of her side.

I was also not interested in talking with such a pert and aristocrat.

There was always an amount of uneasiness when I entered the room after getting tired of the whole day and faced Miss Hawa- Hawai. We seldom talked that bordered on to not talking even a single sentence in a day.

One morning when I woke up I heard sound of sobbing coming from the bathroom. I didn’t take too much of time for me to figure out that it was Miss Hawa-Hawai. I ignored all human urges to go to the bathroom and at least ask what the reason for her crying was. But when the sobbing became incessant, I could not hold me back.

I went and asked “Is anything wrong?”

“No dear” she said and wiping her tears from her cheeks she started to move out of the bathroom. But I caught her wrist and shouted “you won’t be less sophisticated if you share your problems with me.”

She hugged me and started crying.

“You know I have struggled a lot in my life…I don’t come from a rich family that I show off …after a lot of struggle I have got a modelling assignment and photo-shoot is scheduled for next week but my bad luck is stalking me, see the cluster of pimples on my left cheek,” She said pointing towards her cheek.

Since I had never cared to look her face in detail, so I had never noticed her pimples either.

“Don’t worry about this… come with me.”  I consoled her and took her out of bathroom.

I gave her one tube of Garnier  Pure Active Neem.

“Will it be effective?”

“There are some things that I understand better about in life and the Garnier Pure Active Neem is one of them. I thoroughly trust it because I have experienced its benefits on my customers.” I tried to dispel her doubts.

After using four days of the Garnier Pure Active Neem tube her cheeks showed immense improvement.
I got busy with my work so didn’t really remember about her photo-shoot day. One evening when I came to hostel, my room-mate was giggling. She stood up from her bed and hugged me as I entered the room.

“You know my shoot went fantastic! And that is all because of you.”

“No it is not because of me but because of Garnier PureActive Neem.” I didn’t want to take the credit away from Garnier Pure ActiveNeem.

After that we became good friends.Today ,she is a big model of the advertising field, I have also gone up the ladders at my beauty parlour.

P.S: This fictional account is part of a contest being organised at by Garnier Pure Active Neem


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