Wednesday, October 30, 2013


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In a world where everything is between black and white and success and failure, human qualities of sham, deception, and shenanigans get glorified in a way that they seem more appropriate than the qualities of probity and honesty.

Gradually abnormal replaces normal.

No doubt, people do get success sans walking the path of integrity, but little by little their grouse from their self-fashioned lifestyle increases. They want more from life but they don’t get it. Suddenly, they stop to realize the beautiful essence of life itself. Blinded by bucks and surrounded by success, they start leading a life that is lifeless!

In such a scenario, Preethi Srinivasan comes to tell us that how important it is to honor a life that we have. I read about her at and after reading about her I came to a conclusion that if courage could ever be personified, it would look identical to her.

When she smiles, she teaches us that how a gruesome guffaw of adversity can be silenced so calmly. Her soft-spoken but full- of- aplomb voice disagrees that uncertainties of life has capacity to decimate the zeal to survive. Her eyes have seen worst possible gloom, but still they have an effulgent glint in them that reminds us of her indomitable spirit.

Her unruffled persona seems to be making mockery of our seriousness for a restless psyche. Her theory of life management dwarfs all theories that we know about managing life.

They say that in every one of us there is a tiny part of God, but I think that in the persona of Preethi there is a colossal part of God, otherwise it is entirely impossible to go through so much and still be able smile. Through personalities like Preethi , God leaves its imprint on this universe.  In my opinion, God is about grit and Preethi is, every bit, grit personified!




  1. What a brave lady!
    My salutations!

  2. Yes, Brave she is!
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    Yes, indeed a very brave lady. So inspiring!

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  5. She is indeed an inspiring lady.

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    1. Thanx a lot Kiran for your comments and for the award!