Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Air and Hair!

I have experienced some amazing and beautiful moments of human hair. Being air works to my benefit to know about the characters of a host of hairs to a tee.
When I breeze through the hair of a child, it makes me pure and innocent as well as the child itself. I get lost in the silky smoothness of cherubic hair. When I find myself unable to control my anger (that gets manifested in shape of storms on occasions), it is the innocence of these hairs that help me calm down.
When I breeze through the hair of teenagers, I get shiver. They have a tense hair. Tension of exams and their Ex-es is always entangled in those hairs. But you know what these hairs also swing with the dreams of future! I love the complex beauty of such hairs.
The hairs are at their raunchiest when their owner is in love.  They are, round the clock, in a trance that is away from any realization of time or space. To be part of such hairs is about losing one’s existence and becoming a part of the emotion-- called love-- that humankind has understood less but claims the opposite. Every curl and every swirl is smeared with fragrance of that person who has conquered the heart.
The hairs of parents, who are busy completing every ritual religiously of their daughter’s marriage, are quite an emotional one. Despite a dream getting shaped, the hairs are as much restless as the heart is. They have an amalgam of emotions entailing simultaneous grief and glee.
The grey hairs have twilight of time splattered over them. These hairs are embodiment of experience, struggle, and achievement: experience of the life, struggle of the world and achievement of the efforts. These hairs have a foresight that sees the end that is eternal yet inspiring to live on.
Love your hair because it expresses you in return. And its expression is its love for you. Indeed love is a two way street.
P.S: This article is a part of competition being held by Dove titled: Love is a two way street, love your hair and it loves you back.


  1. This is an amazing writing, Neeraj! Love it and I hope it wins the competition :) Very creative and insightful ~ best wishes!

  2. Lovely play of words. The ending of the post justifies the title of the contest. All the best:)

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  7. when i saw the title, i guessed this must be your entry for the dove contest. but as i went on reading from para 2 to 3 & then the rest of it, i felt, "oh this isnt for the contest?!!" and then i read the last line & thought, "oh it IS for the contest"
    quite a ride this post has been

  8. Hey all the best for the contest :)
    Rather niche concept...Dove was partial to women last time, hope this time they give men a chance :D

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  13. Wow what a creative thought..I mean wind blowing the hair is so romantic..Great post

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