Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Your Eyes and My Wish!

Little Sudeethi who inspired this post

I wish that your eyes savour every hue that nature has,
I wish that your eyes savour every new that future has.

I wish that your eyes ask questions that change the world,
I wish that your eyes bask situations that arrange your world.

I wish that your eyes see beyond the veneer of ordinary,
I wish that your eyes break through the layer of quandary.

I wish that your eyes witness flight of try,
I wish that your eyes witness height of sky.


  1. What a wishful poetry! Hope this turns out as her blessing as well.. :)
    I liked the way you rhymed.

  2. great rhyming and a nice wish list... Eyes convey a lot of things and you've inferred and worded it beautifully...

  3. whenever i visit here, her eyes talk :)

  4. @Sahana: Sure it will Sahana.
    @Anand:Thanx for ur comments Anand.
    @Chintan: Yes, they do talk and these talking eyes compelled me to write an ode to them. Thanx for commenting Chintan.

  5. I hope she gets to read what you wrote for her :)

    A long wait but worth it.

  6. My best wishes for those lovely eyes to witness all highs in upcoming life....

    BTW came here through SUB's KHOJ and following you now....:))

  7. @Purba: Yes I also hope so. And thanx for ur visit to my blog.
    @Irfanuddin:Thanx for ur wishes Irfan and thanx again for ur visit and becoming a follower.

  8. wow a poem for sudeeti. that's so so sweet and a nice poem too