Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Magician’s Magic

Every time he put his ideas into the magical bag and chanted abracadabra, he brought out a new chapter in human evolution. He told you to keep eyes shut for a moment and when you opened the eyes at his behest after a few moments, you had entered a different age. Anybody save for a magician can hardly even think of wonders that he performed with sleight of his thoughts. Yes, Steve Jobs conjured up a magical lifestyle for people living in his age.
The word impossible never thought visiting the aisles of this magician’s mind fearing a brutal welcome. Passion and pluck defined the personality of the man who became legend and led the world to several awesome dawns. If it wasn’t for him, the technology would not have had experienced the emotions of utter restlessness and outright yearning from close quarters. The serpentine lines at the stores before the launch of his products are true testimony of it.
Whenever he thought, he created horizons that had rainbows full of future and fortune. It is wonderful to observe that how meticulously he designed our way of life. Always rapt in the world of software coding he devised new ways to make life enriched with a meaning that is very far from being mediocre and monotonous.
Now when the magician is sleeping, his magic is enchantingly awake and still making life unbelievable.


  1. A man who wasn't afraid to speak his mind! They do not make such men anymore!

  2. No more Jobs! The person who had a vision. We would have been pressing buttons if we did not have him. Every mortal has an end. :(

  3. @Sujatha: Thanx
    @Chintan: Yes so true, they do not make people like him anymore.
    @Sahana:Yes sad but true.

  4. Steve Jobs was a real magician...He is still an inspiration to millions of people...

    1. Yes very true.

      Thanx for visiting and commenting.