Saturday, July 23, 2011

Memories of You…

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Last night I was going through the pictures of the past and suddenly eyes started to well up and heart got soggy.
The memories of the past started dancing unbidden before my eyes. The gossips done with you, the excursions taken out with you, the smiles shared with you, and the life lighted with you are all torturing my mind. I feel totally unable to stop the stream of salt emanating from my eyes.
I try to reason with all rationality that life has to move on, yet I seriously yearn to revisit the past that always seemed perfect with you.
I miss the fun, the fights, the wrongs, the rights that I experienced with you. I miss your existence around me; I miss your fragrance that used to surround me.
I never knew that I would feel so lonely without you when I had the luxury of your proximity. I never knew that I would feel so lowly without you when I had the luxury of your vicinity.
Feel very horrible that I can never experience the life again that I could with you in the past; I guess I will have only memories of you till the breath that is the last.
No doubt that I am thankful to God that he showered upon me your presence but I won’t like to conceal my grief that why he made your presence only ephemeral in my life.
I know the world out there will say grow up! But this time I want to be an adamant child – who is sans reason. I want to be stubborn for getting those days back from the hands of time.
I might sound stupid and unreasonable, but all devotees got blessings of their Gods when they got called insane!


  1. perseverance might seem insane....but it works... beautifully penned down

  2. Love does seem stupid and unreasonable. But for the person on the receiving end it isn't.

    Missing someone can be worded so well. I did not know! Really touching.. :) Just beautiful!

  3. @Sujatha: Thanx for ur comments.
    @Sub:Thanx for ur beautiful observation.
    @Spicy Sweet: as usual glad to receive ur comments.