Friday, July 15, 2011

Encore—No More!

Image Courtesy: Google
Once again the guffaw of cruelty reverberated in Mumbai and silent became many smiles. Blood that is meant to paint life, painted roads. Innovations that are meant to save lives, primarily, snatched lives. 
Once again there is clamor that there is nothing to panic, so what that some people had to sleep forever; so what that some eyes will never see the light of the Sun again? We must not panic is the assurance.
Blasts after blasts, we have gone numb. It doesn’t matter to lose few more lives in blasts anymore. And that is why; we are lethargic in taking any action to protect the lives of the nation.
We have gone so numb that it has stopped to matter whether a culprit is punished or not. We have resigned everything to the will of the fate and act as an inanimate thing that is bereft of any reactionary powers.
Even if we try, we fail to create an impact.
If we don’t act as a responsible nation towards the threats that scare the existence of humanity, the history will remember us as a nation of weak minds.
Do we want to be remembered in a negative light by history? Surely not!
So, there should be no encore of the ghastly music of bombs that tears apart bodies and lives.
We must pledge to become voice for those who lost it in the attack and inform the mind of terrorism that we are prepared to stop any encore of its deadly dance!


  1. true...but are we? how long will it linger in our minds, how long will we burn candles, before it becoming a coffee time fun discussion and finally getting erased from our minds, only to come back in during the next attack...i don't know...

    great post...


  2. Blasts after blast, we have gone numb and our ministers have gone DUMB!
    When we behave like Hippocrates to deal with terrorists, this will be the result.
    Really enraged. Helpless. SAD.

    Very nicely worded Neeraj.