Friday, August 21, 2015

Airtel 4G and My favourite movie!

I have been a great fan of movies based on world wars. The Reader and The sound of Music are among my favorites. I still remember the hostel days when I used to wait for whole 24 hours for a movie to be downloaded. But now I don’t have that patience and now I don’t have that strength either to be awake in night to check the downloading speed. 

With the time passing by and new stresses of workload coming, the stamina of the college days has dwindled. Now I want things on the net to get downloaded quickly. Though it is not always possible but that is what I wish. Now I wish a whole movie to get downloaded in a fraction of a second.
During the weekends, I want to watch the movies sprawled in my bed. But many times, it is not possible. My girlfriend likes long drives. She being an interior designer has to go to the houses of her clients that are far from the cities. Many times she is away from the town in order to respect her professional obligations.

She had shown me the decorated homes. Some were in the serenity of nature and away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. I also had a long time cherished dream to dwell in such tranquil houses. But my salary didn’t allow me to realize my dream.

But as it is said that sometimes god listens to your wishes, my wish was also listened to by god. One time a client who had a Bungalow in the woods gave the job of decorating the house to my girlfriend and the best part was that the client had to be unavailable in India for fifteen days. In such situation my girlfriend invited me over to see how she works.

I landed up in the scenic beauty of nature with my girlfriend and her other colleagues. The mist had enveloped the bungalow and the sweet chirps of the birds were reverberating in the vicinity.   I was feeling really ecstatic. While my girlfriend was busy whole day in her decoration work, I used to take a tour in the woods. There was a lake nearby and it was an adobe for the foreign birds. It used to be quite an amazing scene with white feathered birds blanketing the banks of the lake. I wanted to share this marvelous moment with my friends on facebook. I took out my cell phone and clicked several pics and made many videos. I wanted to upload them instantly but my internet connection failed me. With a sigh I pocketed my cellphone back in my pocket.

After my return I complained about the problematic internet connection to my girlfriend, in the reply to my complain she handed me over her cellphone saying that she has the fastest Airtel 4G connection and it would not fail me. I tried and it was really working fast. I uploaded the pics and videos on my face book account in a jiffy. I wanted to test the speed of Airtel 4G further so I tried downloading a movie. Being a world war movie fan I typed the name : Europa Europa. And to my surprise it got downloaded in just few seconds. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was really happy that day, I completed the movie keeping awake late in the night. It was a great memory watching my favorite movie in my favorite ambiance. Though, it disturbed my girlfriend a bit but I persuaded her later.

P.S : This is a creative account!


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