Thursday, July 16, 2015

Till we meet the next time!

Today , a smile got etched on my lips; the reason behind the smile was a moment rinsed with your reminiscence.

It felt as if something got written on the blank pages of my soul again.

It has been eons since you have left me, but when I remember you, I feel the feeling of yesterday.

I cannot name a relationship with you but in this namelessness, I find a sense of one-ship with you.

I can’t define you but in this abstractness, I have many times refined you.

But still I can’t say that I know you.

For me happiness resides in every layer of your memories that I discover every time remembering you.

I wish you to be unfettered from my memories and appear into my reality.

But life is intertwined with destiny and it is known for its brutality.

Without you there is left nothing within me.

Without you there dies everything within me.

But your memory has resurrective power,

It resurrects every moment of every hour, when you were mine, when my destiny also had a shine.

I will try to preserve this smile till we meet the next time!


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