Saturday, February 25, 2012

When Soul Shudders!

Fear is a sine qua non element of the whole ideology of our existence. However we try to downplay its role in our lives, it plays a significant part in our lives. We study because we fear that we might flunk the exams, we work because we fear that we might lose a regular income, we love our near and dear ones because we fear the loneliness. On most occasions the element of fear works in favour of our existence.
But problem starts when this fear takes a macabre form and starts mutilating the soul. The fear makes the soul so feeble that it becomes slave of inferior thinking. The notion of God and his/her powers start tormenting us instead of blessing us. When we suffer from an adverse situation in life, we consider it wrath of God. And we try to douse the indignation of God through all sorts of things that even God would disapprove of.
In the whirlpool of bad times our soul shudders and we install our faith in stones, amulets,magical books and self acclaimed spiritual personalities. When we become weak, all other things around us gain strength. We start to believe in an aspect that the real power of God resides in the stones, talisman and written or spoken hypocrisy of some mortal humans, instead of believing in the soul that has been termed as invincible and fountainhead of strength.
I won’t say that I wonder why it happens! No, I don’t wonder, because I know that being  humans we are vulnerable to the forces of this universe and when these forces overpower our expectation for life, we submit to all things that we know is illogical just in order to have a sense that we can also command our lives.
Matter gets pathetic when some people cash in the adversity of someone’s life and from one net of hoodwink to another they traverse the path of hope, expectation and dejection. By the time they come to know that stones don’t help change a situation and a person of same body of flesh and blood like them is no God, a sizeable slice of their money in bank  and their confidence in humanity gets dwindled.
In the market of life everything sells from hopes to dreams. Life is precious, so we want to preserve it. And when we see threat to it, our soul shudders and we submit to all things that are hanky- panky and swindling. Logic takes back seat and we feel relaxed in the tangles of surreal realities.
I pray for this situation to change and the soul to become supreme against all sorts the fear and scare of life.


  1. it's true Neeraj- one aspect of love is also fear and to rise above that and to love without the dependence is a tall task

    and religion has played on the fear factor - fear of hell/after-life/karma and so on

    a deeply philosophical post but written without arrogance or the "gyani baba" feel. Liked the way you approached the topic

    let our souls be supreme. amen!

    1. By commenting on the post you have added a dimension of religion and made the post wider.

      Thanks for visiting without fail and commenting.

  2. Fear! It is comes up only when we become a hypocrite to face a problem. Look, Stand and brace yourself for the problem, look into the face! Fear dies.

    But, yes.. Soul has to be supreme as you said to FACE the fear!
    Thought provoking post Neeraj.

    1. Sis,I had thought that you are angry with me and that is why you are not visiting and commenting and just then saw your comment. Felt happy that you are not angry.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  3. Replies
    1. I am glad to have you as my visitor, hope you frequent this place.

      Thanx for your visit and comment.

  4. something i have always thought about and you have penned it just so beautifully....thanks for sharing:)

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  6. Neeraj, you write such soulful posts...make me think. Fear, no fear, emotions. It is all so complex, yet so simple and part of our life. we learn, we unlearn...I liked that statement a lot...Market of life...It indeed is the bazaar of karma.

  7. The words of encouragement coming from such a seasoned writer like you matter a lot.

    Thanx for visiting and commenting.

  8. FEAR is a thing feared by all :)
    as u said lil amount of it helps us in great ways, but it has the potential to destroy us too...

    very nicely u have expressed this complex n intrigue fear.. and in 21st cut-throat world.. it seems like our life is fueled with it.
    I second your thoughts that it should change.

    Lovely read Neeraj :)

    1. Thanx Jyoti for visiting and commenting.

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    Interesting & thought-provoking write up.
    Thanks for sharing.

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