Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Real Fun of Life!

In my college days I was cool, I was hunk. Everyone liked me. They always heaped praise on me for being able to cast my spell on girls.
I liked girls and their beauty. They liked my manhood. I was Casanova personified for my friends. I was happy and content with my life. I was ruling the roost in both academic and the aphrodisiacal lives.
I discovered bliss of human body with different girls. The power of flesh enamored me and kept me in its thrall round the clock. On every second day, I was on the hunt for some flesh. After my successful escapades, I would be treated with sighs and a bit of jealousy from my friends. Though they always praised me, I considered my friends losers of the world in a sense that they were ineligible to taste the real fun of life.

Back to today (after 10 years):
Today the womanizer in me has left my body. I am a married man. I have a caring and beautiful wife and a sweet daughter, who is 3 years old. I love my family and they love me. I want every single moment to spend with them.
Now I realize that the happiness got from flesh is nothing before the happiness got from a family. My world resides in the lovely eyes of my wife and innocent prattle of my child.
While I am rapt in the thoughts of past and present, my wife stands before me with the box of medicine and a glass of water. It is time for me to take my medicines.
I am HIV+ and need to take my antiretroviral drugs on time.
I know my wife cries in alone, even if I try to console her about the fact that science is making progress on daily basis and I will get out of this situation unscathed. I, myself, am uncertain about what will become of me; still I try to put a brave face and not to cry before my wife and my child. My daughter arranges marriage for her doll and I am not sure whether I will be able to see the marriage of my doll.
Had my past not been cool, my future would not have seemed so cold.
Today, I have realized who the real loser is and what the real fun of life is. I wish I had missed those funs of life to enjoy this fun of being with family!

P.S: This is a fictional attempt mingled with a tinge of real circumstances that plague us.  


  1. you are one heck of a writer.

  2. I liked this story, simply because of the 10 year span and the change in the attitude.

    Err...some logic questions, if u don't mind:
    1. Did he cheat on his wife, and hence got HIV after marriage?
    2. If not, then are the wife and kid infected as well??? Or lucky?

    Now I'm just feeling sad :(

  3. @debajyotighosh: thanx buddy for ur comments.

  4. There is a lesson in this post that every youngster must learn. And for sure, a very deep and emotional post.

  5. @ Shreya: Since he was in habit of philandering, so he cheated on his wife and yes both mother and daughter got lucky.

    They both have been tested negative in ELISA test.

    Thanks for visiting and asking.

  6. @ LeoPaw: Yes, when they learn, there won't be mistakes, hopefully!
    Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  7. chotu bhai...dil ko chhu gaya re

  8. you know Neeraj that line "i discovered bliss of human body with different girls" i was mouth was open - WHAT - that was my expression! Neeraj & all this? the neeraj i have been reading from past few months & this neeraj is it same? what about all those poems of true love/pain/feelings etc!!

    by the time i realized this is fiction i was relieved. i mean you totally surprised me. really.

    good write-up for sure. & a powerful message too

  9. As much as I agree with the post and the message, I disagree too...may be the wild person in me doesn't want to accept the dangers...

    Neeraj, I second Sujatha, you did surprise with this post :) Keep up..

  10. Very well written. You have a great skill for creative writing.

  11. Emotions are well portrayed in your story and keep writing friend!!! The way you started ur story with college life and ended it with family life is apt & meaningful.....


  12. @ Gayatri: Hey! Gayatri thanx for saying so. and welcome to the blog, hope you enjoy your stay here.

  13. @ Sri: thanx Sri for reading and liking the post.

  14. @ Sujatha and Chintan: ha ha ha...even I was thinking of this happening to the readers while writing the post so as a safety measure I added at the last that it is a piece of fiction.

    Thank you both for reading and liking it.

  15. i wish he used condoms :P

    very well written Neeraj :)

  16. @ SUB: I wish too.. thanx for ur comments SUB.

  17. for a moment I thought is it real... n then I saw comments its a fiction
    Sigh of relief :D

    Nice read !!

  18. PS: thanks 4 visiting me n giving me the opportunity to land here !!

    u have a lovely blog :)

  19. hey Neeraj ,just dropped by,
    you'r an amazing writer , A STORY TELLER!
    Only those who manage to go beyond the surface and explore the in-depth profoundness life has to offer, can realize the joys of living.For me life is all about absorbing life beyond materialistic wants!Lets take life with us,rather than allow life to take us.............ewww sorry for this philosophical dump,hmm wrote an essay in a comment box.

    Like u,a dreamer and explorer of life !

  20. nominated u

  21. @ Jyoti: Thanxs to you too that you came here and liked the post.hope you enjoy your stay here.

    @ Rohit: I really enjoyed the philosophical touch. and thanx for your comments.

    @factsandnonsense: thanx for the nomination. I really feel honoured.

  22. All my pleasure :)
    Thanks 4 visiting me again !!

    Random Scribblings

  23. its so touching,and a great way to spread awareness as well....good post

  24. @Alka: Thanx Alka for visiting and commenting.

  25. @ Sujatha: Feeling really valued that somebody wants to read my posts. Will soon post one. Actually I was away on an official assignment to Nagpur for a weak or so that is why this delay.

    Anyways glad that you asked this question, it will inspire me to write soon.

  26. Great story! <3


  27. @ Megha: thanx Megha for visiting and this lovely comment.

  28. People grow up with age and I liked the way you'd showed the difference. And "Had my past not been cool, my future would not have seemed so cold", this line has such a big impact. We face the results of our follies at a much later age when we are wise enough not to do/repeat them.

    Wonderfully written.

  29. @ Ashwini: Thanx for visiting and commenting Ashwini.