Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Smart devices and their smart effect on life!

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Here is my take on the smart changes in the life courtesy smart devices:

Why do we need smart devices in our lives?

Well, smart devices are stepping stones towards a better concept of life with a better control over it. Smart devices give new dimensions to the lifestyle that are unprecedented in terms of making life less of a fuss and more of a fun. We need smart devices to create better health, awareness, entertainment, and security in the personal and social aspects of life that we lead. And where there is less anxiety pertaining to a life style, obviously that lifestyle redounds to the creation of more prosperity. So, we need the smart devices because they are harbingers of a lifestyle that believes in making life more livable by mitigating the aspects of worry and creating the facets that are merry.

What are the advantages of having the technology to ease our day to day living?

If it was not for smart devices how we would have been able to deduce the miles traveled, cycled and therefore the calories burned? And this way we don’t have to wait for a visit to the medical labs to know the results of our daily work out.  With smart watches you can get all important mails and other social media notifications even while you are on the treadmill and you just have to turn your eyes in the direction of smart watch and you are updated  in a jiffy without interrupting your work out. If you like to listen to meditative tunes while doing yoga you just have to tap your smart watch instead of going through hassles of rinsing apps in your smart phone.

People not that conversant with the typing on devices find it really easy to just use their vocal cords to play the music of their choice or rummage through the repository of information that the internet has to offer. If you are working in kitchen and your hands are occupied the smart devices like Google Home can come to your rescue to a tee!

Many attempts of felony can be negated with the help of smart camera and the perpetrators can be brought to book with watertight evidence. There is very little that any argument can do before a live evidence of a crime.

When you are away from home on a holiday, you can control the lighting of your home with smart lights in case you forgot shutting down the lighting system of home while getting away from home. With the smart lights installed at your home you can relax and make the most of your holidays.

So advantages of smart technologies are in plethora to enjoy the best of life quality with best of ease.

Views on how evolution of technology has changed my life

My accommodation place is fitted with smart security camera that is manageable by smart phone so it reduces the anxiety related to the car parked in front of home the whole night. And it reduced the risk of burglary to a zilch that has resulted in a peaceful sleep at night. And this uninterrupted sleep is a great change that the security camera has brought in my life.

My fitness band tracks my daily walking steps and helps me keep fit. So, smart wearable is quintessential if you like to keep a vigil on your health.

To my mind the fitness bands and smart security cameras have been best additions to my life and I would highly recommend them to the Indian population in search of a healthy and secure life.

So, what are you waiting for? Go get the band and #GetFitWithFlipkart and buy the smart security camera, smart lights and Google Home to start #SmartHomeRevolution! 
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  1. Very well written :) Neeraj. I too agree that Smart Security Cameras and Fitness Bands are must ones for everyone.

  2. Thanks Sachin for your visit and encouraging words for the post.

  3. very well written and logical post Neeraj. I had bought this band but not using it :P. I am also thinking to write like this now.

  4. Do write Bhawana...I know we will have a wonderful write-up coming from you.

    Anyways...thanks for the visit and comment.