Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Pebble and Me

One day, walking on the sandy beach of my destiny, I came across a pebble.  It was lurid, maligned, and caked with mud. I felt a connection with that stone. I picked that up and brushed off the mud attached to it and put that in my pocket.

You know that stone seemed as listless and lifeless as my efforts in life. And only because of these characteristics I felt attracted to it. In its submission to the mud I found an alter ego. Sometimes in life, the rains become so brutal that they create only mud around you. You get blanketed by suffocation and breathe only slushy repercussions of life.

I brought the stone home and put it on the table close to the window of my room. I felt in the vicinity of the window it will receive the sparkling sunshine and forget its muddy past.

Gradually, it showed signs of interest in life. It gained a certain shine that we humans have when we giggle.

I guess that its interaction with shiny sun, velvety moon ,and lovely wind had rejuvenated it. Sometimes, I had heard it rattle on the table as if someone was dancing with the wind.

I was proud of my decision to be able to give the pebble a rejuvenated leash of life.

Days passed by, I got busy with my mundane job while the pebble was enjoying its life well lying on the table. One day when I came back home in the evening, I found that the pebble was absent from its place. I combed every nook and corner of my room but it was not to be found.

Dejected, I went to the table where my dear pebble used to be. I was replete with water in my eyes. I thought, no one wants to remain with me, neither success nor the pebble. Seeing me crestfallen, a dove from a tree in the vicinity asked the reason. I explained it.

Then it told me that my dear pebble has become a Star,hanging in the sky, now. The dove continued telling that :" after coming from the mud, it developed a habit to dream. Lying on the table it used to dream about being a star in the sky. It got itself chiseled from the rays of the Sun to receive the brightness like a star. I donated it my wings and with the help of wind it learnt how to fly."

"It practiced hard every day when you were gone for your work and every night when you were asleep. I have never seen such determination in my whole life to fly.  And today when it made flight to reach the sky, it certainly did and joined the gleaming sheet of the sky. See upwards,it is smiling right up from the sky." indicated the white feathered dove.

I could not decipher my friend but if it had certainly reached that place then I should be happy for it and not feel dejected.

"The pebble was so sad that it could not bid you Good Bye but it told me to convey to you that how indebted it is for your help. It was you who had brought it out of the mud. One needs someone to get out of mud, so be proud of you dear that only because of you that pebble is a star now", informed the dove.

I guess it was its determinations instead of my help that has reached it at the place where it is now. But then it reminds me of my efforts and determination as well. Whether I am doing enough? I really don’t know.