Sunday, July 23, 2017

Language Tussle!

Language is a beautiful tool to express one’s feelings. The world is full of languages where the harmony of brain and tongue belts out magical sounds. If you understand a language it is good but even if you don’t understand a language there is an enigmatic beauty in the incomprehensibility of it. It makes you startle at how others are speaking a language easily and fluently whereas you can only grab the undulating sound of the language.

I work for a multinational company and there my bosses are from France and Belgium, and they speak fluent French. I can only grab the sound of the language. Though once I had given a serious try to learn the French language but couldn’t be consistent. Now I find it amazing that on the one hand there are words incomprehensible to me make true sense to the others understanding it.

And why go far to France to understand incomprehensible beauty of language, in India itself there are several languages and dialects that are incomprehensible for the part of country where they are not spoken. But despite their inexplicitness their beauty remains intact for the people who speak them.

Nowadays, there is a movement to blacken out ‘Hindi’ names from stations in a southern state of India. My opinion is that language is no poison that will contaminate culture of any place; it only provides a new medium of expression. You can’t find everything translated in one language, there is knowledge available in other languages too that you might be bereft of... if you don't allow the access of that language to you.

When one speaks ‘Kannada’, one uses the same ‘vernmala’ consisting of K,Kha,Gha  as hindi,so why there is repulsion against ‘Hindi ’. After all the base of both the languages is ‘Sanskrit’. I hope there comes a day in India when hatred in the name of language transmutes into respect for all languages irrespective of their regional or national character.