Sunday, December 5, 2010


Forever, Reliant, Indispensable, Indelible, Darling, and Sincere: these are the attributes without which the essence of the word, friends, remains hollow. If your friends happen to lack any one of these six traits, then you need to rethink as to the status of your friendship.
No doubt, life is tough! But friends help diffuse the draconian plight of life to a stage that is smooth and easy. Friends are the sail that helps fight the typhoons of life. Sans friends, life is life- less.
In this materialistic and self-centered world it is well-nigh impossible to find the pristine emotion of friendship. But then who said that miracles have stopped to happen in the world? Yes, real friends and true friendship are yet to be extinct.
The world is fraught with souls that are illuminated with virtues of the notion called friendship. These people appreciate the others to a tee. They are compassionate, but they don’t pity their friends’ state. Instead, they provide succor to their friends that helps decimate the pernicious guffaw of calamity and introduces the tranquil chortle of bliss. Real friends are not like the shadow of self that leaves one, when there is gloom. They are like streams of breath that is always there, through thick and thin.
Real friends reject hierarchy. They enjoy sailing in the same boat and weathering the storm with the united dint. There are times when misconceptions creep in but these submit before the inimitable trust and pure affection.
Real friends may fight with you but they fight for you as well! They sob when you cry; their eyes well up, when your heart pains. Likewise, they are delighted, when you are ecstatic. They celebrate your steps of success as if it is their own and their prayers are full of wishes for you.
Real friends are the fortitude in the times of strife; they are the hope in the times of despondency; and they are the grit in the times of grim. Sheer serendipity helps us find our friends in the course of life, and it is also an onus on the part of all friends to preserve the friendship by strengthening the invisible, but completely present, fabric of friendship through indefatigable efforts.
Friends are answers of our prayers to god; they are evidence of divine interference in the world. Those are lucky who have friends to unfurl their heavy heart before and confide their secrets in. Friends are precious; we should try our utmost to save ourselves from losing these gems that proffer shine and shimmer to our life!