Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A thing called change!

Change: a word that is deeply ingrained in the ways of this world. The Earth, the Sun, the Moon change their positions and we experience days and nights. And in these days and nights we see histories being made, civilizations being flourished. 

We witness the power of the nature to influence a change in the scorching heat, macabre clouds, bubbly blooms and feeble foliage.

We know nature can change things and situations at its will. We are off-springs of nature so the eagerness to bring about a change in the age and era that we live in is only natural. The human mind keeps on   thinking about change. After walking on all fours human mind thought of a change about walking on two, after roaming around buck naked for a while the human mind thought of a change about being wrapped in clothes.

So change has been integral to the thought process of human mind. Being a part of the human civilization I also dwell upon several situations that I want to experience a change.

We often see heads of two states playing one-upmanship game on the name of power. The main thing about this power is that it has a nuclear angle to it. The angry words, threatening vows complete the communication between the countries involved in this nuclear game. I want this situation to experience a change, where nations seem ever-ready to clear off each other in the name of nuclear.

People of this country follow a religion that teaches peace but turmoil is the destiny of this nation for past several decades. Its spiritual leader had to flee and its population had to take refuge in a neighboring country. I wish a change that with every bead of their rosary completing a circle; the dream of their return to the motherland gets near to them.

They are part of a magnanimous and one of the most successful democracies of the world, but their own countrymen couldn’t care less when they suffered the economic blockade for more than 100 days. When they were facing exorbitant prices of essential commodities and all sorts of problems related to survival, their countrymen were busy betting whether a sportsperson will reach a landmark in a particular match or not. I wish for a change in this situation. I want the rest of the country to stop and listen when a part of its yell and wail silently.

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Poroborti station Kalighat to Agla station Kalkaji Mandir hai!

Yes, I have been transferred from Kolkata to Delhi, the capital of India. It is more than a month now that I have been here. The place has changed, the language has changed but one thing that remains unchanged is the indefatigable pair of legs that run, run, and run. They have to catch the metro and reach their destination. The destination that satiates hunger…the destination that fulfills dreams.
There are some other things as well that didn’t change.
The young couples, lost in the eyes of each other and roaming their own destinations between themselves, are here as well. Their behavior shows as if the outer world doesn’t exist for them. The crowd doesn’t matter to these people as long as they are crowded with the emotion of love.
Yes, there are also those intellectuals, as in Kolkata, who read English novels or some complex statistical research papers in the train and intermittently look up with an erudite gesture to survey the uninitiated masses around them. A sense of superiority is clearly etched in their looks while supervising other ordinary beings of the train.
The toddlers pestering their parents are found in the Delhi Metro as well. They will try to run in a crowded train, will sit on the floor and take a round or two around the poles in the coaches. Their parents try to stop them because they understand the parameters of social behavior. But perhaps in the unshackled behavior of these children there is lesson for all of us to be free from what is preventing us from feeling liberated.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Commentary from a vanquished soul!

I have been running indefatigably, amid the rivers and ravines of life. Frazzled and famished I feel.  I don’t know if the whole running had any meaning. When I look back I find my footprints charred by the flames of time. There remains only ash of my footprints behind me.

I feel thirsty but there is no water around. There is noise of nature around me but I seem to have gone deaf. I am yelling in the wilderness but no one cares to listen. I know it is not the fault of others; it is my voice that has become so feeble that it can’t reach any ears.

It has started raining and I feel as if the raindrops would melt me beyond recognition. The thunder of the sky will rip my heart off and steal the last drops of courage contained by it. The air is pricking me from every side and the pain seems unbearable.

I know everything ceases and this catastrophe will stop too but what will I do with only my eyes remaining after the tempest has calmed. I can’t run with my eyes. I will stop. I will cease to exist with cessation of the tempest.  And my eyes will have to go through a painful experience of my reticent devastation. I feel sorry for my eyes.

P.S: I know there are some people who will worry about me after reading the post, and I would like to clarify for those that this is just an attempt to sketch the gloom of life in general and not necessarily reflecting my life.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

I don’t know why?

The stars painted destinies; but I don’t know why I still remain lackluster,
The nature gifted everyone apogees; but I don’t know why I still fluster.

The sun has risen in far horizon; but I don’t know why my eyes still see darkness,
The night has bid good bye long ago; but I don’t know why my sky is still lightless.

The god has sketched rainbow on the sky; but I don’t know why I can’t see any colors,
The god has spilt the pitcher of fragrance; but I don’t know why I can’t feel any flavors.

The whole world seems sprinting, but I don’t know why I can’t walk a mile,
The whole world seems gloating, but I don’t know why I can’t manage a smile.

The whole world seems blessed, but I don’t know why I feel cursed,
The whole world seems caressed, but I don’t know why I feel hurt.