Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Kissan and my parents’ care!

I used to live in Mumbai,my parents ; in Pune. I was a successful banker in my career. My life was going on the full throttle. My girlfriend used to work in the same bank.

 Right from school days I had been out side of my house. For schooling I was sent to a boarding school. Then I went to different cities for doing my graduation and post graduation. I was a very good student since the beginning. But playing football was my passion. I was the part of the football team of the school. And three years on the trot I was the highest goal scorer.

When I was in boarding, I used to send my pictures to my parents and hand them over to them when they used to come to meet me. My mother is a superb cook. She used to send the ‘Gajar ka halwa’ when my father used to come to meet me. Whenever she used to come to meet me, she used to prepare different kinds of sandwiches drenched with redness of Kissan sauce that she used to bring with her. The lip-smacking taste is still fresh in my mouth.

One time, for a football match, I had invited my parents. That time she made the breakfast  including Kissan jam and sauce for the whole team. I still vividly remember, we had won that match and the evening the party was thrown by my parents.

Later, I got little chance to savour the delicacies of my mother. I became busy with my graduation and post graduation and was two years overseas for my job.  Until there is an emergency,I don’t get to meet my parents. Even on festivals I am busy and don’t find time to go and meet my parents. I had thought that once I get married, I will call them to Pune and we will live together. But since both of us ( me and my girlfriend) are busy ,the marriage is getting postponed.

Nowadays, I mostly get connected with my parents over smartphone . We chat over internet. It seems that it is eons that I have seen my parents in person. As I am talking to you about all these, I really feel like meeting my parents.

I have taken leave from my office and have come home.  Here when I meet my parents in person after so long time. I feel that age has shown effect on their bodies. I could have never understood the necessities of the old age had I not come home. But seeing me at home after so many years, my mom got agile again. She again prepared the lip-smacking   Kissan cuisines and while devouring all of them I decided in my heart that this time I will take my parents to Pune with me.

P.S: This is a creative account!