Saturday, January 31, 2015

Quikr NXT is the Best!

It was totally stuffed coach of the train. I was travelling from Bareilly to Varanasi on a business trip. It was month of December but the radiations emitting out of the different bodies had made the ambience very hot and humid. And I don’t want to talk about the ruckus. It was at its peak. I plugged my earphones in both my ears, and immersed myself in the soothing music Kishore Kumar.

After some time I received a call, I attended to it. It was the response of an ad that I had put for my Bike to sell.

But amid the utter commotion and high-pitch of noise I could not talk with my prospective buyer. I tried his phone several times after that but he didn’t pick up my phone. Right from the bottom of my heart I wanted that time that every blabbering mouth went mute. But like every other wishes of mine this also didn’t come true. And as they say don’t change the world, change your ways. So I started to think about ways to how I could change my ways.

After my search, I found out that Quikr NXT had the answers to my miseries and it could enhance my selling experience with its several features. I would like to outline three most important reasons that make an online selling experience a smooth sailing and that make me its biggest fan.

Reason number one:
Man, you can talk with your future buyer with that chat option without even bothering about the ruckus around you. Here you can bargain about the price without attracting unwanted attention from the crowd. There are sometimes miscreants in the rail coaches who can misunderstand a negotiation talk involving the money and can follow you and even rob you. So with the QuikrNXT you are in safe surroundings.
Reason number two:
It is very tough to describe about the features of the product that you want to sell. So the photo sharing feature helps a great deal in terms of cutting down the hassles of making the buyer understand about the real status about the product. For example, if I am selling a book -shelf then I don’t have to bother about explaining the buyer that my book-shelf in not in a dilapidated condition and you please believe me. Now I just share the photos instantly to the satisfaction of the buyer and he/she can take her decision without losing much time.It could happen easily only because Quikr NXT.
Reason number three:
When you make the cell-phone number of yours public, then there are also some irritating experiences attached with it as well. You will get many unwanted calls playing pranks on you. Some will say that it is the police commissioner speaking and some will be the dreaded don. After using the Quikr NXT I have got absolved of all these irritating experiences.

I would strongly recommend the Quikr NXT for all the people interested in selling any articles online.

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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Garnier Pure Active Neem: A Name that creates friendships!

I used to live in a girls’ hostel in Mumbai. I came to Mumbai in search of a job. Actually, I came from a rural place in Kolhapur. My farmer father was finding it very difficult to keep the pot boiling for the family amid the increasing interest rates of loan, so I decided to move to Mumbai in order to support my family.

I couldn’t study beyond 10th so it was all the more difficult to find a job that was decent paying. I contacted one aunt who was my distant relative to search a job for me. She searched a job of attendant in a big beauty parlour. But again the catch was that I had not at all ever remotely been in touch with the knowledge of beauty enhancing techniques. But I thank my proprietor ma’am to take me under her auspices to train me.

Now after two years of continuous training, I can say that I am an expert in all the beauty enhancing techniques. Now customers also look after me when they drop in for a manicure or a pedicure.
Now I was earning enough for my stay in Mumbai and support of my family in the village.

Things were going smooth and I was feeling self -confident in my life. 

One day the in-charge of the hostel informed that I will have a new room-mate as my old room-mate was moving out after getting married.

My new room-mate had come to the room by the afternoon; I joined her in the evening.
“Don’t mess with me…don’t encroach in my space…I am not here to make friends, I have left my house to become a model and that is why I have to live in this cheap hostel with a cheap room-mate like you.” She said strait as I came to the room and threw my clothes that were dangling on rope of her side.

I was also not interested in talking with such a pert and aristocrat.

There was always an amount of uneasiness when I entered the room after getting tired of the whole day and faced Miss Hawa- Hawai. We seldom talked that bordered on to not talking even a single sentence in a day.

One morning when I woke up I heard sound of sobbing coming from the bathroom. I didn’t take too much of time for me to figure out that it was Miss Hawa-Hawai. I ignored all human urges to go to the bathroom and at least ask what the reason for her crying was. But when the sobbing became incessant, I could not hold me back.

I went and asked “Is anything wrong?”

“No dear” she said and wiping her tears from her cheeks she started to move out of the bathroom. But I caught her wrist and shouted “you won’t be less sophisticated if you share your problems with me.”

She hugged me and started crying.

“You know I have struggled a lot in my life…I don’t come from a rich family that I show off …after a lot of struggle I have got a modelling assignment and photo-shoot is scheduled for next week but my bad luck is stalking me, see the cluster of pimples on my left cheek,” She said pointing towards her cheek.

Since I had never cared to look her face in detail, so I had never noticed her pimples either.

“Don’t worry about this… come with me.”  I consoled her and took her out of bathroom.

I gave her one tube of Garnier  Pure Active Neem.

“Will it be effective?”

“There are some things that I understand better about in life and the Garnier Pure Active Neem is one of them. I thoroughly trust it because I have experienced its benefits on my customers.” I tried to dispel her doubts.

After using four days of the Garnier Pure Active Neem tube her cheeks showed immense improvement.
I got busy with my work so didn’t really remember about her photo-shoot day. One evening when I came to hostel, my room-mate was giggling. She stood up from her bed and hugged me as I entered the room.

“You know my shoot went fantastic! And that is all because of you.”

“No it is not because of me but because of Garnier PureActive Neem.” I didn’t want to take the credit away from Garnier Pure ActiveNeem.

After that we became good friends.Today ,she is a big model of the advertising field, I have also gone up the ladders at my beauty parlour.

P.S: This fictional account is part of a contest being organised at by Garnier Pure Active Neem


Thursday, January 22, 2015

The India as I saw it!

Though Indian by roots, I used to live in the United States. And, since my childhood I had heard that India is a country where spiritual awakening is mingled in the air like a lullaby. Everywhere, the incense sticks emit the fragrance of different religions.  Different sages with their magnanimous wisdom have irrigated the soul of this land.

I was very curious to know about the land.

But the revelations that I encountered were a far cry from the serene picture of India that I had in my mind.
The litter was decking up all the places with painstaking finesse. All the Land Rovers and Mercedes were smugly traversing distances by drenching their tyres in the human urine that was just passed out the overflowing tank. All the brand image of these automobile behemoths was blissfully coexisting with the mélange of muck.

I had always been interested in murals and frescos. And in India I experienced a different kind of art form.  Here in India, I saw people dangling their tools out of their pants to paint the walls and that too without showing any inhibition of any kind.

The people were spitting the juice of the betel nuts on the walls to defeat every effort of Pablo Picasso in the arena of art.

I was always of the impression that to get a pout like Kim Kardashian, you need multitude of moolah. But again, I was gob- smacked to know the very cheap way to get a pout like Kim. And the secret was filthy khaini (a form of tobacco).  People usually put it under their lips and suck on the juice of the herb. And after they are finished with it, they spit it out without even caring about the place.

Indian mothers have been given all the respect in the world. They are compared to the goddesses but my experience was a little different. I saw Indian mothers cleaning up the bottoms of their darlings and throwing the poop smeared newspapers on the roads to stick to the tyres or slippers or shoes of pedestrians.

I had heard that India was getting good numbers of managers from their top-notch institutes. But the best management skills I found out in a sweeper of a clinic in India. And the way he managed all the medical wastes was really a lesson to learn. He just threw all the medical waste in open and let the syringes and saline bottles become the toys of slum children.  And those children started playing with deadly toys in gay abandon. When I tried to preach them about the dangers of using the medical wastes as toys, they threatened me to jab with one of the syringes.  I ran frantically from that place saving my posterior.

So, I came to know about the incorrigible err… incredible India the hard way.