Saturday, January 11, 2014

Recharging life and hairs in a surreal way!

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“Now it is time for you to take the bath ma’am.”

“Ok… I will but I am bit skeptical.”

“Skeptical about what?”

“About my performance tonight… before lord Indra.”

“No ma’am… you don’t have to be skeptical about your skills, after all you are Rambha… the best dancer of the heavens,” said Latika, the retinue of Rambha.

“The best dancer of the heavens… huh…  the best dancer who is rotting on the earth for last five years… I wish I had not done the mistake of belittling Menaka in the court of lord Indra and I could have spared myself the curse of leading life of a normal human being on this earth,” lamented Rambha.

“Ok… everyone does make a mistake ma’am  and so did you… now you have regretted a lot and I am very sure that performance of tonight will slough you off of this worldly life.”

“But you know last time Lord Indra had disapproved of my performance and had ordered me to spend one more year on earth… what if he again orders one more year?”

“You think too negative ma’am… nothing bad will happen this time.”

“Last time lord Indra had rebuffed me for my dull and dead hair… he had told that my tresses didn’t dance with me… I don’t know what will happen now and …”

Ting Tong… Ting Tong…

“Now who the hell has come?”

“Let me check ma’am,” answered Latika.

She returned after few minutes.

“Who was there?”

“Your fan: Mr. Saxena.”

“Oh my gosh! … this fellow will never improve.”

“He really loves you ma’am but alas he doesn’t know that he can never get you.”

“He is a nice person but … anyways please advise me something about my dull and dead hair Latika.”

“Last time, I didn’t know about the secrete of lively hair but now I have surfed this worldly reservoir and wellspring of knowledge known as  Internet and here is the answer from that knowledge box for your dull hair: The Sunsilk  Radiant Shine Shampoo. It will recharge your hair and imbue it with √©lan. Now your strands will also dance like a female snake.”

“Oh! Is it? Then please wash my hairs with this amazing product of the earth… this time I want to go to heavens come what may,” said Rambha in a desperate tone.

Latika washed hairs of Rambha with the  Radiant ShineShampoo… and wallah, Rambha danced like never before engaging every muscle of her body and every strand rooted on her head completely and beautifully.
Lord Indra got really impressed with Rambha’s performance and especially with her hairs.

“What is the reason behind your lively tresses?”asked Indra.

In reply Rambha put forward the bottle of Sunsilk Radiant Shine.

“We will take Sunsilk Radiant Shine to heavens with… you… yes now you can come with me to heavens Rambha … I am really pleased with your performance and have become fan of your Sunsilk Radiant Shine Shampoo. I would like you to share the secret of your lively tresses with other apsaras.”

“Why not Lord!” said Rambha ecstatically.

Before leaving this earth forever, Rambha wiped off all reminiscence of her from mind of Mr. Saxena and lived happily ever after in her home in heavens with lord Indra , other apsaras, and her recharged hair and recharged life.

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