Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Friends: fuel of life

Friends are like the wind that blows through a piece of wood, which is full of holes, and creates a soulful music out of it. I wonder how bland and bleak the life would have been, had there  been no music of friends in it.
Those people are richer who have friends in their hearts than those who have diamonds in their lockers. Because when you need to bargain for confidence, trust, and support in life only friends will come in handy not lifeless stones.
When you want to submit to challenges, friends encourage you to sabotage these challenges beyond recognition. When you fear the future they hold a mirror before you like a magician and conjure up a dreamy destination for tomorrow. When you feel that your body is sapped of all strength to fight, they resuscitate a lease of hope in your psyche.
As night is barren without stars and day is dreary without sun, life is lackluster without friends. True friends are as pure as prayers on the lips of monks and as innocent as smile on the face of kids.
True friends will never hurt you even if you have hurt them and they will never curse you even if you have cursed them. Then isn’t it unfortunate to have one-sided misgivings, on and off during the stretch of the friendship. Why not make this relationship of friendship an incessant fountain of affection?
Drench yourself in the drizzle of friendship that is as soft as feathers of a bird and as secure as lap of a mother!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Mist in the Mirror

I have always been able to talk to my mirror but today it seems unresponsive. I am not being able to see through it. It has a layer of mist in it. I am dejected at the thought of my best pal being drenched in the mist and not being in mood to communicate to me. Yes, my mirror is my best friend. It calls a spade a spade. It is a no –nonsense fellow.
It has always been there, whenever I felt like crying in solitude or whenever I wanted to share my mirth only with myself. Be that carefree childhood, tense teenage or confused adulthood stage, every aspect of my life has been scanned by it.
It has supported and consoled me on every occasion. And it has shared delights of my life with me. I was open to it in the same way as it is open to the world.
It taught me to look deep into thing; it taught me to be transparent in life; and it taught me to deal in details. Life with all its complexities was simple when I came to my mirror and asked for advice.
Somewhere down the line, I got busy with life and almost forgot to talk to my friend.  I got lost in my success and got indifferent to my chum of tough times. Today, when I need its help at a crucial juncture, it has gone numb. I know I am responsible for the numbness of my friend.
Today, it has a hazy look instead of a gleaming shine that it used to flaunt. I am shuddering to go near it. I know it will snub me. But without it by my side, I have got blind. I am totally unable to fathom out the depth of darkness in my life. I feel disorientated.
Suddenly, the doors of windows got flung open with the gust of the wind and a dove entered the room. With the frantic fluttering of its wings, I felt a part of the mist being wiped off. Yes! I saw a part of me in my friend. I rushed to my mirror and vehemently rubbed my palms against it and cleaned off the mist in completeness. Gosh! The mist was not in the mirror but on the mirror. I felt relieved. But at the same time I was cursing myself for not being able to assess the situation well. I should have come before the dove came to my friend and tried wiping the mist away.
Anyways, I am happy that I have found my friend again. Now it is talking and I am listening. So pls shhh…

Sunday, April 17, 2011

He rolls chapattis…

He is small but smart; he is feeble but fast. He has an innocent smile that anyone can fall for. The glint in his eyes can put diamonds to shame. He has energy of any renowned sprinter. He is anyone from the highway dhabas to college canteens. He is just under 10.
He is always there to complete your imperious orders. Be it filling glasses with water or replenishing your thalis with tadkas. More often than not he rolls chapattis and his perspiration laughs at his country’s aspiration for being in the race of becoming a superpower in coming years.
His tender hands and feet feel unbearable fatigue at the end of the day. But he has nowhere to complain. He doesn’t have ACs despite that he doesn’t complain of tacky air; he doesn’t have duvets, despite that he doesn’t complain of stiff plank. We have everything and we keep on complaining. Isn’t his tolerance level a lesson for us who want everything at every cost—even if the cost be misery of others?
He doesn’t go to school but he learns more than any school going children of his age does. He knows how educated persons forget etiquettes, when they have to call him. He learns anger is the worst enemy of a human being, when he is thrashed by customers for a minute mistake.
He is present for everybody, but others are hardly present for his life. He is soul recourse for his family; he is carrying a hell lot of burden. With passing of everyday he becomes weaker, but he has to keep on rolling chapattis, taking orders, and filling glasses.
People move on with their lives but he remains stagnant. His limbs have got frail, because he was overworked to make your body strong. His eyes burn, because he had to bear the brunt of fuel that doused your hunger. He is breathless, because he ran helter-skelter when you ordered a glass of water.
He is sinking and one day will be devoured by his draconian destiny. One day people will reach apogee in their lives and he will still be slithering in the bottom of indifference and underbelly of an undesired life. I wonder when this dichotomy of destiny will end!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

When you think of…

When you think of dying, think of living for one more day;
For you never know how surprise box is going to unfurl for you in the next day.

When you think of darkness, think of brightness for one more time;
For by only thinking of brightness you can fan out the darkness.

When you think of only tears in your life, think of numerous giggles you have had so far;
For by only remembering those giggles, you will have your lips etched with smiles once again.

When you think of sinking, think of how good a swimmer you are;
For mere thinking of your swimming skills will help you surmount the vortex of your life.

When you think of foliage, think of luscious flowers for once;
For by only thinking of them, you can feel the fragrance of them in your life once again.

When you think nobody around you needs you, just look within;
For by looking within, you will realize how badly you need yourself.

When you think of betrayal in your life, think of innocent eyes of a child;
For in those eyes there are still hope and faith for humanity alive.

So whenever you think that you can’t, think you can for one more time;
For by thinking of can, you will transform tribulations into triumphs.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Your Memories in My Piggy Bank

Whenever, I think of you, the cool breeze of moonlight caresses my cheeks as if you have kissed me. I lose myself in the clutch of the moment. I don’t know why I feel this way for you, but what I know is that I feel a sense of utter bliss when I feel like this.
I fail to baptize our relationship, but still I fail to deny the relationship as well. Yes, we have a relationship with its all warmth and coziness. So what… if we can’t call it by a name? As long as there is breath in the relationship, it is meaningful for me.
I don’t want to let you go out of my life, but my situation is such that you can’t remain in my life either. What a quandary!
I know we will have to part ways but before our severance, I want to scribble every page of these times with your presence and drench every moment of this experience with your existence.
I know it is not practical to love you but at the same time it is not sin to feel this way for you. The realm of heart knows no rules. When it throbs it breaks the shackles of all reasoning and incarcerates me in your awesome charm. I forget everything when I remember you. I cry within when I imagine you moving away from my life. I try hard to imagine a life without you, but I fail to stop tears taking shape of storm in my eyes.
I understand the inevitability of the night after a bright sunny day, but still I want you to be the moon and stars of the night of my life. Even if, you are not present physically in my future, but sometimes, I would love you to rain in my life in the shape of clouds full of your memories.
I am collecting every moment drenched with your presence in my piggy bank. And when I open this piggy bank in future, I would love your memories to remind me that even if it was for a small time, I was part of an inexplicable happiness, and however beyond-reasoning our relationship was, it was a reality!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Your Smile is Magic!

Image Courtsey: Google Images
What does magic do? It transforms! And yes, transform you as well. You very subtly chisel a pensive situation into a positive one. I don’t know why but your ability to touch a soul by your smile feels divine. It makes emotions pure and happiness sure.
When you are near, gloom seems aloof, and grin on others’ lips is only the proof.
Until I experienced your smile, I knew that only brushes can paint but I was wrong your smile paints as well. It paints hope, it paints comfort,  it paints satisfaction and above all it paints life.
Your smile is as wide as sky and very aptly it keeps stars ensconced in it. When I look at you I get the view of a majestic sky that is extensive and deep.
Flowers seem faded and jaded when you beam. Streams seem to scream as if they are telling why clink in your laughter is better than their fall?
But at the same time I know your smile is a mirage, it is not for me for a long time. It is going to disappear when I am going to touch it. But I am happy as long as it is touching me.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Riddle of Whys…

Image Courtesy: Google Images

The whole day the flower was smiling, but the evening came and it had to wilt.
The child was playing with gay abandon in the courtyard; a zealot came and hacked the innocent to death.
The sea was sleeping for years; suddenly it got enraged and engulfed millions of lives.
She was hardly ten, when someone snatched stars from her eyes.
They were madly in love but had to part ways.
They were parents of successful children, but had to beg.
It was their home, but they were thrown out of it.
Her dreams were still red, but she was charred to death.
He was sole hope of his parents, but had to succumb to hapless destiny.
The eyes were utterly unruffled; suddenly they brimmed with drops of tears.
As long as the whys of life remain unanswered, the ways of life remain uncouth. Let’s try our level best to rummage within our soul for the answers of these whys.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


When I see success, I see you;
When I see patience, I see you;
When I see happiness, I see you;
When I see chirpiness, I see you;

When I see perspiration, I see you.
When I see inspiration, I see you.

When I see aurora, I see you;
When I see aura, I see you;
When sky has rainbow, I see you;
When cuckoo is gung-ho, I see you.

When I see sun, I see you;
When I see moon, I see you;
When I see star, I see you;
When universe is ajar, I see you.

When I see mountain, I see you;
When I see fountain, I see you;
When I see earth, I see you;
When I see firth, I see you.
When every hour of nature is with you,
When every power of nature is with you
             Why are you low?
Success is all yours ho!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

To juniors… with love

Flashback: In the fresher’s party you were raw, you were carefree. The effervescent attitude of yours had lit up the evening of fresher’s and everyone got enthralled by your à la mode demeanor. You personified zeal, zest, and zing!
Cut to few months later: In the farewell event, you showed that how quickly you have matured. The transition from being raw to being ripe is incredibly mesmerizing. Now, you have grown urbane and suave!
Right from invitation to reception, you were extremely businesslike in your approach. Every event of the evening was orchestrated to spawn an everlasting memory. Everything from ritzy razzmatazz to glitzy glamour was specially designed to cast a spell on the audience.
The evening was a breathtaking painting with the brushstrokes of lights, dance, and music. And this painting had all the hues of rays, rhythm, and ragas. Every performance was brimming with professionalism. The performers were connoisseurs of their art. Anyone could hardly tell that performers were amateurs.
The evening, wrapped with affection, attraction, and emotion, will remain etched in our memories forever! From our side we extend our good wishes to you for a tomorrow where your dreams are your reality.
Best of Luck!!!!!!!

Friday, April 1, 2011


A day, that has both the deafening silence of bereavement and the tranquil din of togetherness, is termed as the farewell day in college campuses across the world. On this day watch reverts and brings back memories of past to that day, as the surfs bring gems to the shore with every lapping from the depths of the sea.
On this day, emotions are on display. Body sways with the intoxication of achieving a milestone, but heart feels heavy and eyes feel soggy. Memories of past come unbidden to mind and very slyly try to influence a perforce smile on lips. People want to smile and cry at the same time on this day. Such emotional ambivalence is rare to experience save for the occasion of farewell at colleges.
When we come to the college confines, the immediate feeling is to rush back to home as soon as possible. We count seconds, minutes, hours, and days for the arduous sessions to finish, as soon as possible. We wish the college building to crumble, so that we can get rid of classes and assignments. The faculties seem rigorous ringmasters and we curse them from the deepest corner of our hearts.
But every feeling of animosity and negativity gets washed away in the gust of the occasion.
Hostel room starts feeling more homely than home, friends start to mean more than siblings and faculties get elevated to the level of parental figures.
In the beginning, every moment was cumbersome; in the end, every moment is awesome. In the beginning, every moment it felt like leaving the place; in the end every moment, it feels like settling down in the college forever.
Peers, who were competitors all along, seem bosom friends. Juniors, who were always meted out the behavior of second class citizens of the college, seem the apt heirs to carry forward the legacy of the college. Faculties who were stern disciplinarian become sweet embodiment of blessings.
Everything seem surreal on this day, everything seem mercurial on this day. This day is the final chapter of the bulky book of college life and everyone wants to carve one’s indelible impression on the forehead of this day, with utmost fervor and zeal.
Farewell day conceals in itself memories of past and promises of future. On the cusp of past and future, farewell day is the last chance to fill your experience-bag with one more friend and with one more moment.
Don’t hold back! On this day give full latitude to tears to laugh and smiles to cry.