Sunday, December 30, 2018

My Shadow Inspiration for a day!

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By participating in the last edition of’s WOW (2018)  prompt “Imagine you are some one’s shadow for a day”, I choose to be the shadow of Mr. Satya Nadella,CEO Microsoft.

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As I have chosen to be the shadow of Mr.Nadella, I am bound to wake up early and follow him on his morning jog. I am not that person who enjoys waking up early but willy- nilly, I woke up in the morning today. But now I don’t regret it. The morning breeze seems therapeutic and the zeal in the boss of Microsoft is just infectious. But the goody feeling about the morning quickly evaporates, as I fail to match up his brisk pair of legs. I am a panting shadow of Mr.Nadella with the tongue lolling out and heart hell-bent on exploding. These feelings are bound to happen, when you are a lethargic soul and haven’t jogged in eons. Thank god Mr.Nadella has decided to stop the jogging for today and now I feel relieved.

After having a healthy breakfast that is sans Aloo ka Paratha and Puri Bhaji (That is essential for me for a breakfast to be called a breakfast in true terms) he is ready to make a beeline to his office at Redmond, Washington.

The sprawling Microsoft campus is just a sight to savor! It is perfect mélange of concrete and nature.

As I am rapt in the sightseeing…Mr. Nadella scoots towards his corner office. After rummaging through the program list for the day, he makes way for the conference hall for the morning meeting with his colleagues.

“We are starting the day but we need this day to start a beginning…a beginning that  takes us away from our competitors but close to our customers and consumers. We need to design our culture on the dimensions that empathize with requirements and needs of our customers. We must make the best use of today to create a better tomorrow for ourselves and for our customers and consumers. And above all, we should try everything today that inspires next generations to strive for a better world. May I have your views on making the best use of today?”

After this influential talk he is all ears for his colleagues’ pieces of inputs.

I am just there listening to the innovative ways of making a better tomorrow. The kahuna of Microsoft  never has the hubris (on his face) of being the boss of a leading software company of the world. He is easygoing but assertive on occasions as well.

At times he is one of them and at times he is the one guiding them.

Throughout the day he has been taking views, making new plans, suggesting improvements in software codes and not for a moment he felt tired. He was like a wellspring of birr and verve throughout theday. But the fatigue in me is making me sleepy. I am praying for his day to get over. At around nine O’clock in the evening(if at all it could be called an evening) he leaves the office.  

As he reaches home, he asks the first question: Where is Zain?

Zain is his son.

He goes to the room of his son. He is sleeping.

Mr. Nadella sits in the room just looking at the innocent face of his son. A few moments later his eyes brims with tears that he tries to fight back.

I am startled to see the scene but then as I am his shadow I get to know the reason, instantly, reading his mind. Actually, his son is affected with cerebral palsy since birth. And like any other father he would have liked his son to enjoy and experience life on turfs that are called ‘normal’. The tears are of a father who could design codes that made sense of many lives that could have gone awry but his coding ability failed to create a normal platform for his own lad.

But next moment, I see him full of aplomb and resolve as if some day he would surely crack a code to trounce the devastating effects of cerebral palsy for his son and the other progeny of Mother Nature through his dexterous coding skills assisted by knowledge from medical field.

As my contract given from Blogadda to be the shadow of someone is about to cease, I come out of his house. 

The whole day changed my perception. 

Earlier, I was of the view that only people from middle class like me have problems in life like: an unstable job, yearly shooting up accommodation rents, spiraling out of control medical costs… and these super -rich people don’t have any problems in life. I mean what could be a problem in life for a person who earns $100 odd million yearly?

But I was wrong…the super- rich also have their share of problems and they are fighting their own battles and at the same time devoting their energy to make our lives easy.
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Friday, December 28, 2018

कोई उम्र तो होगी...

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कोई उम्र तो होगी,
मुक़द्दर के स्याह रात की I

कोई उम्र तो होगी,
आँखों में तैरते आँसुओं के बारात की I

कोई उम्र तो होगी,
इंसान से बने मज़बूर की I

कोई उम्र तो होगी,
सिने में जलते तंदूर की I

कोई उम्र तो होगी,
चेहरे पे नाचते गुरूर की I

कोई उम्र तो होगी,
आत्मा को सब होते मंज़ूर की I

कोई उम्र तो होगी,
तूफान के इब्तिसाम की I

कोई उम्र तो होगी,
मेरे सब्र के इम्तिहान की I

कोई उम्र तो होगी,
कराहते हुए जज़्बात की I

कोई उम्र तो होगी,
बिगड़ी हुई हर बात की I


इब्तिसाम: मुस्कुराहट, मुस्कान

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

सुना था के तेरी गलियों में...

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सुना था के तेरी गलियों में,
चाँदनी का बसेरा है I

सुना था के तेरी गलियों में, 
रागिनी का डेरा है I

सुना था तेरे गांव में,
सितारों का मेला है I

सुना था तेरे सदके में,
कोहेनूर भी ढेला है I

तू नूर था कितनों के,
ज़ीस्त के शरर का,
तुझसे मुन्नवर था,
हश्र कितने बुझते शहर का I

दिल बहुत दुखा जब...
तुझे तुझसे मुख्तसर देखा I

शरर : चिंगारी
ज़ीस्त : जीवन
मुनव्वर : रौशन 
मुख़्तसर : छोटा,संक्षिप्त 

Smart devices and their smart effect on life!

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Here is my take on the smart changes in the life courtesy smart devices:

Why do we need smart devices in our lives?

Well, smart devices are stepping stones towards a better concept of life with a better control over it. Smart devices give new dimensions to the lifestyle that are unprecedented in terms of making life less of a fuss and more of a fun. We need smart devices to create better health, awareness, entertainment, and security in the personal and social aspects of life that we lead. And where there is less anxiety pertaining to a life style, obviously that lifestyle redounds to the creation of more prosperity. So, we need the smart devices because they are harbingers of a lifestyle that believes in making life more livable by mitigating the aspects of worry and creating the facets that are merry.

What are the advantages of having the technology to ease our day to day living?

If it was not for smart devices how we would have been able to deduce the miles traveled, cycled and therefore the calories burned? And this way we don’t have to wait for a visit to the medical labs to know the results of our daily work out.  With smart watches you can get all important mails and other social media notifications even while you are on the treadmill and you just have to turn your eyes in the direction of smart watch and you are updated  in a jiffy without interrupting your work out. If you like to listen to meditative tunes while doing yoga you just have to tap your smart watch instead of going through hassles of rinsing apps in your smart phone.

People not that conversant with the typing on devices find it really easy to just use their vocal cords to play the music of their choice or rummage through the repository of information that the internet has to offer. If you are working in kitchen and your hands are occupied the smart devices like Google Home can come to your rescue to a tee!

Many attempts of felony can be negated with the help of smart camera and the perpetrators can be brought to book with watertight evidence. There is very little that any argument can do before a live evidence of a crime.

When you are away from home on a holiday, you can control the lighting of your home with smart lights in case you forgot shutting down the lighting system of home while getting away from home. With the smart lights installed at your home you can relax and make the most of your holidays.

So advantages of smart technologies are in plethora to enjoy the best of life quality with best of ease.

Views on how evolution of technology has changed my life

My accommodation place is fitted with smart security camera that is manageable by smart phone so it reduces the anxiety related to the car parked in front of home the whole night. And it reduced the risk of burglary to a zilch that has resulted in a peaceful sleep at night. And this uninterrupted sleep is a great change that the security camera has brought in my life.

My fitness band tracks my daily walking steps and helps me keep fit. So, smart wearable is quintessential if you like to keep a vigil on your health.

To my mind the fitness bands and smart security cameras have been best additions to my life and I would highly recommend them to the Indian population in search of a healthy and secure life.

So, what are you waiting for? Go get the band and #GetFitWithFlipkart and buy the smart security camera, smart lights and Google Home to start #SmartHomeRevolution! 
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Sunday, December 23, 2018

Things that make me say Wow,Super…Awesome!

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There are some things in life that when they happen to you will take you in their thrall and leave you enchanted. And when you are bewitched by the sheer force of the happening, you blurt out in mind or mouth: Wow! Super. Awesome! And obviously you smile and feel happy after articulating the words.

Such things happen in every one’s lives and I also have a scant share of such wow moments in my life.

Enumerating such things, I would like to start with the scene of a rising sun from the lap of unfathomable sea. When the sun rises from the far east unraveling its crimson charm and painting the bosom of the sea with shivering cerise is just a sight that exacts the words like wow…super…and awesome from your mouth. It shows that the nature that can give birth to a mind of Pablo Picasso is itself the supreme womb from where all superior art gets spawned and this realization makes me smile.

Coming on to the next point, I would like to say that a turnaround of a situation from a diametrical bad state to a better state makes me smile. I have been part of an organization that helps raise fund for patients suffering from serious ailments and diseases. I sometimes contribute to different fund raising campaigns from the organization as per my financial capabilities. So,when the organization sends me mail of the improvement of the patients (who were really going through terrible phase of their lives) my mind just says wow, super and awesome in unison. It makes me smile, when I realize that how god subtly manifests itself to the world  through the betterment in the condition of an ailment of a human being.

When I go through the food blogs of fellow bloggers (I really like Bhawana’s and VarshaBaikar’s food blogs) and when I happen to witness the scrumptious and lip-smacking recipes at the blogs, my mind just says wow, super, and awesome. I really feel happy to experience the colourful pictures of different delicacies that have power to satiate the hunger of stomach and taste buds alike.

When I see a beautiful girl (or woman) draped in ethnic Indian dress, I can’t help saying wow, super, awesome, obviously, in my mind otherwise the chances of getting slapped is high. Right from sea shores to mountainous altitudes of India, the different dressing styles of Indian women depicts vibrant finesse of sartorial craft of our artisans. It makes me smile to think how my country represents a cosmos of cloth craft with all its width and depth.

And… yes when I finish writing a piece of poem or article my mind says wow, super, and awesome! I really feel happy at transmuting my thoughts into words. Every time… I finish a write up, I feel as if it is chef d’oeuvre. Though… what I think and what my readers think about my piece of writing might vastly differ!

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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

कुछ क़िस्से मेरे हिस्से के...

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कुछ क़िस्से मेरे हिस्से के,
कुछ क़िस्से जीवन के गुस्से के I

कुछ क़िस्से उड़ते बादल के,
कुछ क़िस्से आधे पागल के I

कुछ क़िस्से रोती हीरों के,
कुछ क़िस्से सोते फकिरों के I

कुछ क़िस्से बंटती मिट्टी के,
कुछ क़िस्से लुटती हस्ती के I

कुछ क़िस्से बीती जवानी के,
कुछ क़िस्से खेलती नयी निशानी के I

कुछ क़िस्से बुढ़िया नानी के,
कुछ क़िस्से मीरा दीवानी के I

कुछ क़िस्से उसके गेसू के,
कुछ क़िस्से उसके हरसूं के I

कुछ क़िस्से उसके सावन के,
कुछ क़िस्से मेरे आँगन के I

कुछ क़िस्से उत्तर दख्खन के,
कुछ क़िस्से प्रस्तर पावन के I

कुछ किस्से मेरे हिस्से के,
कुछ किस्से जीवन के गुस्से के I

यह कविता इंडीआस्पाइर के लिए दी गयी शीर्षक से प्रेरित है : Must story writers pick up incidents from their own life or create everything in their imagination? Where do good stories really begin? #StoryWriting

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

पता नहीं मैं हूँ की नहीं...

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सब बात तुझमें हैं,
सारी औकात तुझमें हैं,
तो पता नहीं... मैं हूँ की नहीं I

सारी सच्चाई तुझमें है,
सारी परछाई तुझमें है,
तो पता नहीं... मैं हूँ की नहीं I

सारी इज़्ज़त तेरी है,
सारी मशिय्यत तेरी है ,
तो पता नहीं... मैं हूँ की नहीं I

सारी अज़्मत तेरी है,
और सारी तोहमत मेरी है,
तो पता नहीं... मैं हूँ की नहीं I


मशिय्यत: इच्छा,चाहत
अज़्मत: महानता

Sunday, December 16, 2018

The fear that today depletes me of vigor...

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The fear that today depletes me of vigor,

Will help me one day get ready for the hour,

That decides my destiny,

breathing under cover...

of wide horizon that ties...

my past, present, and future.


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Saturday, December 15, 2018

अब डरता हूँ...

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भाग - 1

अब डरता हूँ,
किसी को यार करने में I

अब डरता हूँ,
खुद पे ऐतबार करने में I

अब डरता हूँ,
खुद को तैयार कहने में I

अब डरता हूँ,
खुद को बेक़रार कहने में I

अब डरता हूँ ,
सपनों पे सवार रहने में I

अब डरता हूँ,
अपनों के नागवार रहने में I

भाग -2

अब डरता हूँ, 
रिश्तों के बाज़ार होने पे I

अब डरता हूँ, 
फरिश्तों के बेज़ार होने पे I

अब डरता हूँ,
ग़ज़र का दीदार होने पे I

अब डरता हूँ,
मुक़द्दर का व्यापार होने पे I

अब डरता हूँ,
वायदों के बार बार होने पे I

अब डरता हूँ,
उम्मीदों के तार तार होने पे I

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

आख़िर क्यूँ ऐसा होना था?

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आख़िर क्यूँ ऐसा होना था?
क्यूँ भारत को बँटना था?
क्यूँ राहत को मिटना था?

क्यूँ साकेत को रहबर खोना था ?
क्यूँ ईश्वर को बेघर होना था ?

क्यूँ लाहौर कराची को रोना था?
क्यूँ ढाका चटगाओं को खोना था?

क्यूँ सतियों का जौहर होना था?
क्यूँ सुमतियों का गौहर खोना था?

क्यूँ दाहिर की दुहिताओं को तड़पना था?
क्यूँ पुत चार गुरु के तड़पना था?

क्यूँ सिंधु के लहरों को सिहरना था?
क्यूँ सिंधु के लहरों को बिखरना था?

Sunday, December 2, 2018

गर तू है तो...

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गर तू है तो
आ के कभी मिल I

गर तू है तो
पत्थर पे फूल बन के खिल I

गर तू है तो
आंसू में आशा बन के मिलI

 गर तू है तो
प्रयास का आकाश बन के मिल I

 गर तू है तो
हारों का अभिमान बन के मिल I

 गर तू है तो
रेंगने वालों की उड़ान बन के मिल I

 गर तू है तो
अहंकार का अपमान बन के मिल I

 गर तू है तो
लबों पे खुशिओं की दूकान बन के मिल I

 गर तू है तो
मुझसे मेरी पहचान बन के मिल I

Saturday, December 1, 2018

हम देखेंगे...

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हमने कहा था के...
आने दो, कल को,
हम देखेंगे I

लेकिन जब कल आया था,
तो टेंशन की हाइट थी,
हमारी हवा टाइट थी I

अब कल को फिर से आना है,
दिल को फिर से बहलाना है,
के आने दो, कल को,
हम देखेंगे I

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

और गुमान इत्मीनान का...

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एक पल जीत का,
एक पल अतीत का I

एक पल जिस्म का,
एक पल तिलिस्म का I

एक पल उजास का,
एक पल उदास का I

एक पल उड़ान का,
एक पल थकान का I

एक पल मसान का,
एक पल मुस्कान का I

एक पल की ज़िंदगी,
और गुमान इत्मीनान का I

Monday, November 19, 2018

This too will pass…

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This too will pass…
But with this will pass the time,
That can’t be brought back by any dime.

This too will pass…
But with this will pass my prime,
That can’t be brought back by any enzyme.

This too will pass…
But with this will pass the liberty to go awry,
That can’t be brought back by any sorcery.

This too will pass…
But with this will pass the emotions,
That make the life bloomy and flowery.

This too will pass…
But with this will pass the emotions,
That take us away from the elements of life,
That are gloomy and dreary,
And these can’t be brought back by any wizardry.

This too will pass…
But with this will pass the sparkle of her eyes,
And crackle of her voice,
That can’t be brought back by any exercise.

Yes this too will pass…
But it will leave behind only,
Stinky mud and wilted grass,
That would serve only as a relic,
For belief and faith in almighty,
As a total farce, a total crass.

P.S: Written for Indispire prompt

Friday, November 16, 2018

बाद मुद्दत के आराम मिला है...

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चित्र सभार : @luvlostluvfound 

बाद मुद्दत के आराम मिला है,
कल किताब में...
तेरी तस्वीर का इनाम मिला है I

बुझती आँखों को,
अंजन बेदाम मिला है,
डूबते दिल को फिर से,
धड़कने का काम मिला है I

ज़िंदगी के बियाबाँ में बरसों के बाद ,
कोई इंसान मिला है,
बरसों बाद कोई... दिलोजान मिला है I

Monday, November 12, 2018

The Chath Puja & Immature Social Response!

Pic Credits:

Nowadays, there is hustle and bustle in the markets and makeshift shops, in my part of the country, for chath festival. The environs are filled with the melodious chath songs. The local edition of newspapers  are fraught with stories of how much allegiance the people belonging to Bihar and U.P put to this festival that even after settling miles away from their native place they perform the Puja without fail.

This way the people living abroad get to be in touch with their cultural roots and the whole eastern India media goes gaga over such cosmetic attempts of gratitude towards the cultural root embalming.

The news channels and newspapers are announcing the arrival of Lok Astha Ka Mahaparv Chath. Sometimes I wonder if Chath is alone the Lok Astha Ka Mahaparv then what are Holi and Diwali. Are they Raj Astha Ka Parv? I have seldom seen any aristocrat wallowing in the mud in Holi, it is only common man (the Lok) who wallows in the mud making it also a Lok Astha Ka Parv.

In this festival several folk songs are sung and in these songs there is one line that says that Chathi Mata and the Sun God can cure the leprosy among other troubling issues. Now, I can tell from my experience that there is an unreasonable kind of fear attached to this Parv. People believe that any mistake committed in the process of following the rituals of Chath puja can result in turning you a leper.

And leprosy has a macabre stigma attached to it. Several societies including Indian have ostracized the leprosy infested humans in the past as there was no other logical and medical way to fight the spread of the leprosy bacteria. And since the leprosy bacteria eat up the body parts that make the hands and legs turn into stump and the face into not a pretty sight to watch, the fear that the disease creates in the human mind is enormous and debilitating. And thus it serves as great deterrent against committing any mistakes during the festival. In a way the festival rituals flourish and feed on fear.

I guess that the centuries of living under the slavery made the Indian psyche bereft of logical thinking. Otherwise what might be the reason that the India that had the legends of medical fields like Dhanwantari and Sushrut believed and continue to believe that leprosy is the upshot of bad past karma instead of the bacteria?

The draconian rules related to Chath as regards the cleanliness shows that people in ancient times had the idea that the filthy environments lead to the development of mycobacterium leprae even if they didn’t know the cure. Sometime ago, I had read in a magazine that during the era of St. Paul*, bathing used to be considered as luxury, so many devotees of the lord refrained from bathing. But after some extended period of non- bathing, several diseases started to spread and leprosy was one of them. So, this gives a hint that leprosy does have a link to unclean and unhygienic environment.

But during the Chath festival the concept of cleanliness gets the face of insanity. People believe that if the wheat grains getting dried for the Prasad get tasted by birds the Chathi Mata and Sun Lord will punish the devotees with the dreaded disease leprosy. I mean this is utterly illogical and irrational to think so. Why will the Chathi Mata (who is the 6th part of the nature) and the Sun Lord (Who is the evident emblem of the nature) will get angry if birds (which are by all means the integral part and child of nature) taste the wheat grains to placate their hunger?

In the pastoral Indian life (especially in Bihar,I come from Bihar so I know Bihar closely enough to comment on) people take pride in defecating in their fields where they sow the seeds of wheat. I want to say that excreta is the prime reason to transmit many dreaded diseases and if god never got furious for defecating in open and consequently spreading the diseases, then I fail to understand how come the gods can get angry if the birds taste the wheat grains?

During the festival the fasting ladies are revered as pious souls. And these ladies behave as if they have been blessed by the god and goddess personally. They feel very valued because people believe that they are purely pious soul for four days of the festival. And these are the same women who torment their daughter-in-laws for rest of the year. So the rigorous rituals of the Chath festival alone should not be regarded as a yardstick to measure the piety of the souls. Because, after the completion of the festival the women don the hat of devil mother in laws as soon as possible. If the rituals fail to make you a better person then you fail the festival also that celebrates the change of season and teaches that however strong you might be, you will set as the Sun sets and remains whole night under the thrall of darkness.

The Chath Puja is advised to people who have Leucoderma or other skin related diseases. Once, I was in a metropolitan city and there in my apartment a sweet bubbly girl of 10-odd years used to reside with her parents. She had a small white patch. And her mother was advised to observe the fasts of Chath . I used to feel very bad for that little girl who was made to feel kind of uncomfortable because she had just a small white patch. The tender mind can have devastating imprints of embarrassments, when made to feel different due to some medical condition.

Though, I am still to encounter any medical literature that says that doing Chath Puja alone treated leprosy and advised against Dapsone, the unfounded belief that Chath Puja can cure leprosy and white patches run deep in the society.

Though right from western to Indian saints have been tested on touch stone of treating leprosy to prove their divine attributes.

The Indian society that used to question beliefs and philosophies and argue the established leanings now meekly acknowledge what is meted out to it. We hardly find any debating nature as regards the popular usage and rituals like Adi Guru Shankaracharya and Mandan Misara had in the past that only enriched our tradition and culture with notional sanity.

I hope that someday the name of Baba Amte is incorporated in folk Chath songs, for the magnificent son of Chathi Maiya who served the lepers with all probity, sincerity and proved to be the savior for them. You might argue that Chath is the festival of U.P,Bihar then how come a Marathi Manus be incorporated in the Chath folk songs? Mind you Chathi Mata is an omnipresent part of nature and can Mother Nature be restricted in demarcated regions like we parochial thinking humans try to restrict the regions?

As long as the Chath festival is celebrated as the gratitude towards the boon of nature it is sublime but as soon as it is there as overbearing panacea for all troubling diseases and situations, it loses it shine of sublimity. The festival should be used to include people instead of excluding and segregating human souls.

The Chath festival should be used as a tool to attain spiritual ascension instead of getting entangled in ritual injunction.

*St. Paul story is based on memory; I don’t have any documentary evidence at hand when I am writing the post.


Friday, November 9, 2018

कहीं तो उड़ने को पूरा आकाश है...

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कहीं तो उड़ने को पूरा आकाश है,
तो कहीं रेंगना
हीं उपलब्ध प्रयास है I

कहीं तो कपटता हीं उच्च विन्यास है,
तो कहीं निष्ठा भी पूर्ण उपहास है I

कहीं तो इंसान हीं करता निराश है,
तो कहीं पत्थर से हीं आस है I

कहीं तो दिन हीं बोझिल बनवास है,
तो कहीं रात भी झिलमिल उजास है I

कहीं तो गागर को तृप्ति का एहसास है,
तो कहीं सागर को अतृप्त प्यास है I

कहीं तो जीवन अटल विजयी विश्वास है,
तो कहीं ज़िंदगी...
अटकल है, तुक्का है, कयास है I

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Sunshine Blogger Award Nominees!

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I am writing this post to thank a fellow blogger, Mr. Shri Krishna Sharma who found me eligible enough to nominate for Sunshine Blogger Award. Mr. Shri Krishna Sharma is a prolific writer and has equal command and right in both Hindi and English languages. The best part of his writing is that sometimes he incorporates a one or two line satire in his articles, keeping the other parts of the post clinging to its core issues. The satires from Mr. Sharma force us to rethink about our stand on several issues that plague our society. He writes flowery poetries as well that touch the soul.

You can find more about him here: 
Now the time for rules to accept the award that I need to follow: 

To thank the persons who nominated you and link the post back to
• Display the Sunshine Blogger Award picture on your post.
• Answer the 11 questions the nominator gave you.
• Nominate 11 bloggers who motivate you.
• Provide 11 questions to your nominees.

Here are the replies to the questions posed by my nominator Mr. Shri Krishna Sharma.

Why Do You Blog?

I blog because I want the white space of paper or MS word (for that matter) to talk the language of my thoughts. I blog to let others know about how good, bad or uncomfortable I feel about a given aspect of life. And in the process, I happen to meet some wonderful people who remind me that finding like minded people in the world is not so difficult.

I blog to improve my writing skills; I blog to understand the world with a better perspective; I blog to inspire myself to think better.

What does blogging mean to you?

I guess I have answered it in the first question itself.

What is your favorite blogging topic and why?

My favorite topic entails the understanding of day to day struggles that humanity goes through. The struggles that strive to make the life and the world a better place.

Who is your audience and how do you reach out to them?

My audience is the whole world who knows how to read. I want to reach everyone interested in reading. My google aided and are the best two platforms through which I try to reach my readers.

How do you intend to expand your reach and your reader base?

Writing something meaningful is the first step to attract the minds of the readers, so I try to write something meaningful every time I think of writing something.

Who is your favorite blogger from your genre?

Actually, I read from a variety of topics, so to pinpoint a single one would be quite impossible. It is not that I like one and I don’t like others. Actually several flowers make a bouquet…so I like the bouquet far more than I like a single flower.

Do you intend to be a professional blogger ever?

Actually, I write blogs on the topics that interests me and I don’t think that going professional way would give me this latitude. Though, I have done some professional content writing in the past but for blogging I would like to keep it personal instead of professional.

Do you intend to convert your blogposts into a book?

Can’t say quite clearly about it. Actually, book publishing depends on the requirements of the publishing market. In the past, I have failed miserably in the publishing market (I mean my fiction writing was not found eligible enough to be published and after that I have stopped thinking in that direction) Yes, I have been a failure in the publishing world and I have no qualms in accepting that! I am happy with the blogging platforms’ flexibility to write on any topic that I want to write on and there is no fear of getting rejected either. I can publish my writings at my convenience.

What is the importance of Sun Shine Blogger nomination to you?

Look, writing (or blogging in any genre for that matter) is all about recognition and when you are recognized as a writer (or a blogger of a particular genre) a zillion liters of inspiration get infused in the mind to do better with writing and blogging.

In addition to blogging, what else is your hobby?

Reading daily news- papers online about the happenings of the world is one of my interests. The commentaries on how the present scenario of the world is woven intricately with the past intrigue me.

What is one thing that no one knows about you?

If the one thing that no one knows about me, it must be something qualifying for the respect of secrecy. So, let it be that way.

Here is my list of nominees in alphabetical order:

1)      Anita  (

2)      Binita Bora (

3)      Bhawana (

4)      Dipali Bhasin (

5)      Dr. Amrita Basu (

6)      Jitendra Mathur (

7)      Magiceye (

8)      Manoj (

9)      Rajkumar (

10)  Sachin Baikar (

11)  Sunil Deepak (

 The questions to my nominees are:

1) Could you remember the time for us when you decided to start a blog?

2) What motivates you to blog ?

3) Do you have a feeling that blogging helps you understand the world better and vice versa?

4) Who is your audience and how do you reach out to them?

5) Do you intend to be a professional blogger ever?

6) Do you intend to convert your blog posts into a book?

7) What is the importance of Sun Shine Blogger nomination to you?

8) In addition to blogging, what else is your hobby?

9) Who is your favorite blogger from your genre?

10) How other bloggers’ blogs help you shape your perspective towards life?

11) Are you in the habit of reading? Tell us about your favourite book.