Saturday, July 23, 2011

Memories of You…

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Last night I was going through the pictures of the past and suddenly eyes started to well up and heart got soggy.
The memories of the past started dancing unbidden before my eyes. The gossips done with you, the excursions taken out with you, the smiles shared with you, and the life lighted with you are all torturing my mind. I feel totally unable to stop the stream of salt emanating from my eyes.
I try to reason with all rationality that life has to move on, yet I seriously yearn to revisit the past that always seemed perfect with you.
I miss the fun, the fights, the wrongs, the rights that I experienced with you. I miss your existence around me; I miss your fragrance that used to surround me.
I never knew that I would feel so lonely without you when I had the luxury of your proximity. I never knew that I would feel so lowly without you when I had the luxury of your vicinity.
Feel very horrible that I can never experience the life again that I could with you in the past; I guess I will have only memories of you till the breath that is the last.
No doubt that I am thankful to God that he showered upon me your presence but I won’t like to conceal my grief that why he made your presence only ephemeral in my life.
I know the world out there will say grow up! But this time I want to be an adamant child – who is sans reason. I want to be stubborn for getting those days back from the hands of time.
I might sound stupid and unreasonable, but all devotees got blessings of their Gods when they got called insane!

That is why I cried…

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I know things have changed and I can never experience the past again,
And that is why I cried.
I know the Sun has set and I can never experience the day again,
And that is why I cried.
I know the flowers have wilted and I can never experience the same fragrance again,
And that is why I cried.
I know the leaves have fallen and I can never experience the same glorious tree again,
And that is why I cried.
I know the smiles have evaporated and I can never experience the same happiness again,
And that is why I cried.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Encore—No More!

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Once again the guffaw of cruelty reverberated in Mumbai and silent became many smiles. Blood that is meant to paint life, painted roads. Innovations that are meant to save lives, primarily, snatched lives. 
Once again there is clamor that there is nothing to panic, so what that some people had to sleep forever; so what that some eyes will never see the light of the Sun again? We must not panic is the assurance.
Blasts after blasts, we have gone numb. It doesn’t matter to lose few more lives in blasts anymore. And that is why; we are lethargic in taking any action to protect the lives of the nation.
We have gone so numb that it has stopped to matter whether a culprit is punished or not. We have resigned everything to the will of the fate and act as an inanimate thing that is bereft of any reactionary powers.
Even if we try, we fail to create an impact.
If we don’t act as a responsible nation towards the threats that scare the existence of humanity, the history will remember us as a nation of weak minds.
Do we want to be remembered in a negative light by history? Surely not!
So, there should be no encore of the ghastly music of bombs that tears apart bodies and lives.
We must pledge to become voice for those who lost it in the attack and inform the mind of terrorism that we are prepared to stop any encore of its deadly dance!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Sycophancy: A form of art!

Art helps understand the proceedings of life in a manner that is deeper than our general viewpoints about life.  Art helps reincarnate situations from life and gives them a shape that human mind always desires for. Art is an escape from tumultuous ways of life and it has various forms: painting, dancing, singing...etc
You must be wondering how other different forms of art and sycophancy converges together. Look, as an escape from the rigorous demands of life to secure a job or to get a job done, sycophancy provides a subtle avenue that facilitates the process of a work.
Sycophancy has been practiced by human beings since eons and has been developed through ages to adapt to the changing times.
But alas! Despite all credentials to qualify as a stream of art, it is yet to be recognized as an art form. In India, it has flourished since the time of kings and queens and mainly sycophancy has been attached to the corridors of power.     
Sycophancy in India enjoys its place in esteemed quarters of politics, business, education, and sports. Despite enjoying the proximity to such distinguished sections of the society, I fail to understand that why it is still out of course curricula in India? The institute based on this subject should be floated. On the lines of IITs and IIMs, Indian Institute of Sycophancy (IIS) should get approval from our HRD ministry.
 This way the progress of the sycophancy as an art can be documented and the coming    generations can benefit a lot from past experiences. The preserved documents can reduce the amount of mental exercise to a great deal for future wannabe sycophants.
They will just have to apply the theories to derive a desired result for a given situation. And sycophancy as a stream will also flourish like other fields of academics. And equipped with scientific training in sycophancy, India will produce world class sycophants who will be unmatchable in their skills.
In the beginning any attempt to organize the valuable knowledge of sycophancy, in terms of an educational tool, will face opposition as other revolutionary doctrines of the world had to face. But a resolute stand on the part of the practicing sycophants of India can ensure that a strong educational citadel is built through legal ways and the IIS sees the light of the day as a proof of indelible existence of sycophants in this world.
Long live sycophancy!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Namaste Sir … Madam

When we enter the swanky malls and supermarkets, we get smitten by the razzmatazz of the environment. We splurge, we dine, and we have all sorts of fun that the money can buy and these malls can offer. We return with all material happiness bought by monetary elements.
When we return home, we indulge ourselves in the colors and odors of products bought. But not even by mistake we tend to indulge in thinking about the person who had greeted us by saying: Namaste Sir/Madam at the mall while we were entering.
( You might argue, is it necessary to think about that person? Well, I am not here to preach anything as to what is right or wrong, I am here just explaining how I feel.)
Greeting is an essential part of services marketing and this way customers feel more valued than without it. But often I have felt that when they greet us they lack the real essence of greeting a guest, which is greeting with happiness. And why is it?
I feel that they don’t feel connected to the materialistic opulence that the malls represent. Despite being an integral part of retail sector, they seem aloof from the prosperity that the sector churns out.
They seem completely unaffected by the retail boom in the country. And perhaps this is the reason that when they greet the customers they feel their lips strained to smile freely. And when they smile after an effort, it is bereft of warmth of a smile.
I don’t know, but I feel pain in their smile for being left behind in the race of the economy and for being only a sightseer of the progress of the country.
I understand everything is not possible for everybody to get, but I also understand how it feels to be so close to the prosperity but at the same time to be so far from it.  There should be efforts, on the part of the economy, to give a slice of economic happiness (that is balanced and reasonable in terms of social framework) to these greeters as well. So that when they greet they feel the warmth of greeting themselves as well.
P.S: This is entirely how I have felt about the situation, you might have experienced exact opposite situations with janitors of malls. And the article is restricted to and based only on my observation about the situation.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Feeling lonely lonely!

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Missing those days when I was with you, missing those moments that I spent with you. Without you there is very few that interests me, there is hardly any hue that attracts me.
I feel my heart ruffled and eyes stifled. When I want to feel something, I find my heart- throb has gone numb and when I want to speak something, I find my eyes have gone dumb.
My mornings are eclipsed with the absence of yours and evenings are bereft of fragrance of yours. I feel as if marooned on an island where my only accompany is the distant hope of meeting with you again.
Today, when I had been to the garden, the flowers that once used to seem luscious, seemed languishing and the drops of dew that used to seem the drops of diamonds, seemed drops of tears -- shed from my heart.
The chirping of birds that once used to seem melody, seemed maddening with surly din. Looking at the moon, which used to seem fun, seemed utter sin.
Since when you have left, the sky is blanketed with cloud and the Sun is coiled in the gloom of it. Suddenly, the drops lurking in the lap of clouds started saying adieu and the existence of clouds were nowhere. When drops and clouds parted ways the Sun smiled with a villainous grin. I don’t know but I felt bad that clouds and drops had to part their ways.
I had never felt this way before!
Everything passes by in this world and these moments shall also, but will I meet you again? I want to keep my hopes alive so that I can live to meet you again!