Monday, September 26, 2011

A Tiger that Roared and Routed!

The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding (A book by Al Ries and Laura Ries) stresses the importance of being first in the market. And first he was in giving the Indian team its true Indianness by dragging the Indian team out of the alleys of regionalism and factionalism. He was also first in snatching an overseas match and series victory for the country.
Yes you guessed it right, I am talking about Tiger Pataudi.
With so many firsts he remained an unparalleled character among his peers and juniors.
Difficulties are meant to rouse not to raze and Tiger Pataudi proved it right with his sheer diligence and dedication. Any lily-livered person would have chickned out of the game of the life but he remained and resisted.
 It was seriously no fun to face the speed of Griffiths and Halls with all body parts responding well and when it came to facing them minus one eye, it must have been a very daunting experience. But the indomitable zeal and a valiant heart compensated for the loss of one eye and he fashioned many golden chapters for himself and for India.
The Indian Cricket, which has been leveled several times with charges of nepotism and regionalism, can take a leaf out of Tiger’s book, who only gave weight to the welfare of Indian cricket and valued only meritocracy during his tenure as captain. Even if he belonged to the alleys of aristocracy, he very meticulously sewed the talent of middle class in the fabric of Indian cricket. The fruits of his efforts are being savored by Indian cricket today which has its stars from middle class families.
It was not only cricket that he played a part in but it was life in general as well that witnessed the magnanimity of his. Being a Nawab of Pataudi he ensured that the patchwork of Hindu-Muslim unity doesn’t get a beating in the area even in the worst of phases of religious upheaval in the country. He himself used to take part in Ramlila.  And this only goes to show that he could sense the subtlety and nuances of being human to a tee.
Now that he is enjoying an eternal sleep, his roar will continue to echo in the universe infinitely to make us remember that the tiger had sometime travelled on this earth and tried to make it a better place for   all those people whose lives he touched in person or otherwise!


  1. Wow a very well written tribute to the Tiger.. Nice post.

  2. This man had real will power to get into the game of cricket despite losing one eye's vision!

    Passing away does not make the man great, he was also responsible for killing a meek black buck for the fun of hunting. *Sad*

    Nice article Neeraj, highlighting few things which I did not know like his work on Hindu Muslim unity.

  3. to play with one eye & to play so well is truly commendable
    a good post on a cricketing hero

  4. Real Steel....the epitome of having will power and courage in the face of adversity!

  5. @ Mani: Thanx for commenting.
    @ Ashwini: Thanx Ashwini for ur comments.
    @ Spicy Sweet: Yes, even he must have regretted this fact about his aspect of life. Thanx for commenting Sahana.
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    @ Kunal: Thanx for ur comment, Kunal.