Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, a human being decided to make a product. He collected all the materials necessary to create the product and started putting the materials in a combination so that it gets a form…a shape.
When the product was being created, it was extremely happy seeing every part of its coming together to give it a form.
Even if it was incomplete, it could sense the diligent efforts of its creator to make it complete. The painstaking concentration of its creator ensured that it will become a great product and will be a proud member of the pantheon of products that has helped human beings achieve their goals of life: be it ordinary or extraordinary.
By and by, the bits of its body were being put together and it was dreaming of a life that would be extremely useful for the mankind. It had dreams of getting into the history books for serving the mankind in the best way possible.
Towards the completion of its body, it felt a palpitation of something being weaved into its body. So, I have a heart now as well that can throb: thought the product.
The product was put in a case and was carried out of its workshop.
Now the product was really happy to have got a complete body and that too with a heart! Though, it was still clueless about its use.
 Anyways, it was hoping to reach its destination quickly so that it can get to know about its use and be satisfied that it served the mankind with its best of abilities.
Suddenly, the case was put down.  “Oh! My destination has arrived. Now my creator will get me out of the case and then the whole world will know about me. And I will go down in to the history books as the best of all time products that the mankind has ever experienced. Yippee!!! I will be taught about in Management Schools in Product Development Classes and one day I will emerge as an indomitable brand. I will be talked about among the best brains of marketing world, around the globe.  And I will have a long life!” dreamt the product.
This dream got broken by the increasing heartbeat (by the passing of every second) of its newly designed heart.
 What is it happening to me? My heartbeats seem to be pacing more than normal. It wanted to yell to its master for help. It cried: O! My creator, please help me get rid of this heavy heartbeat.
But its creator didn’t listen because he wasn’t there to listen. And its heart exploded!
And with its heart, exploded the emotions of compassion, kindness, and humanity on the earth. Instead of it becoming a source of happiness for mankind, it became a source of havoc to the mankind.
It was created as a bomb!
Against its wish, it was designed to rob the mankind of its peace and its dreams.
It cried out aloud and some part of humanity got silenced forever.


  1. AHhh! I did not expect this! I was expecting something very beautiful to be created. But the reality is not ALWAYS beautiful.
    You made me realize again. :)

  2. ah damn! story of a bomb and the bomb too didn't appreciate it....

  3. oh i never thought the narration was leading me to a bomb!!! i really was thinking of some beautiful creation.

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  4. Aloha, thanks for your visit and kind words on my blog, it is always a blessing to meet new friends in this bloggy world :) Wow this post was deep!!!

  5. landed here from Sujatha's blog award post... A well narrated post and didn't expect to end with that BOMB!! Nice read :)

  6. Very well written and a most creative post! You have a very nice site here :) Thank you so much for visiting my blog & commenting ~ much appreciated & it's always lovely to meet a new follower/friend :)

    Have a *Beautiful* Day!

  7. wow...that was very creative...could have never guessed the ending :)


  8. I actually kept thinking...that there has to be some twist coming..

    You put life into a bomb and if could yell..it surely have cried on its destiny and purpose..

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