Thursday, April 30, 2015

The faces that fail and fall!

There are two types of faces of the children of mother earth.

Type one face:  

They are happy faces. These faces have ebullience, vigor, and aplomb. These faces could be anyone ranging from Doctors, Engineers, Scientists,  Businessmen to a Common Man or Woman.  They are contributing to make this world a better place. They are inventing and using new ideas every day. That is resulting in more money and more happy faces. They are called successful persons of life. From earth to the sky they have made their presence felt. From unfathomable depth of earth to the infinite height of sky these faces have an indelible imprint on every iota of nature. They are digging the bosom of mother earth and making it bereft of its gems i.e. iron ores, minerals, coals, gas, oil and trees. These faces give the reasoning that depleting the lap of earth is important in order to be a developed human society. We have reaped huge benefits of the endeavor of these faces as well. We have swanky cars, big industrial plants and many happy families. The happy faces have a mammoth mouth that can devour everything that the earth has to offer. They say that by devouring they are designing happiness for the human society.

Type two face:

These faces have agony and grimace writ large over their faces. They are buried in the debris and rubble because a hungry earth quakes to replenish its depletion. They don’t laugh, they don’t even smile, what they do buried in the robust rubble is writhing in the pain and cursing the endeavors of happy faces who made the earth hollow. When sky roars, the deluge makes the crisp happy faces soggy. Many dreams of a better future get washed away and get drowned in the massive blow of the delicate water. Faces flogged by the wrath of the nature find it difficult to be proud of the feats achieved by the happy and successful faces.

Is it so difficult for the happy faces to create a happiness that is for everyone and every moment? Is it so difficult for the happy faces to plant more and more trees on the part of the earth that is ravaged for the glamour of human civilization?

And at last, is it so difficult to create an ounce of happiness for mother earth when the happy faces create gallons of mirth for themselves?

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