Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine’s Day: When love sings and heart dances

Love: a sacrosanct emotion that fuels purity and responsibility in life. When devotion becomes divine, love becomes sublime. When every vein of heart becomes strings, and every heartbeat; notes, it means that love has vanquished you and someone has won you.
When roses become more important than rouge and hours get converted into moments, love is ruling the roost. And Valentine’s Day is an occasion to let the emotions unleash and acknowledge a beautiful event in your life. As a day, it summarizes eons that have been drenched with the emotion called love.
The day is not about being shallow like a brook but deep like a sea. Show your emotions for someone in a way that respects yardsticks of morals and values. Any vigorous but vile expression of love is not love but manifestation of satanic aspects of a human.
Cards, gifts, flowers: all try to make the day unforgettable. But then, can these materialistic and ephemeral things match the holiness of unqualified feelings of care and affection?  Surely not! But again, we, as humans, want to cherish moments. And what better than a bud of rose or a gleaming ring, that translates your emotions in all possible artistic manner in absence of your artistic quotient?
Indian and foreign cultures are replete with love stories that are awe-inspiring and sheer platonic in nature. Today’s materialistic world, that respects flesh more than it respects the emotions, needs to take a cue from Radha –Krishna, Romeo- Juliet, and Laila- Majnu. Only then in real terms the word ‘love’ can be defined by them. Otherwise it will remain hollow and superficial.
So, on the Valentine’s Day, weave a dream for your beloved that is dreamy than the word dream itself and wreath beads of stars that is starry than the stars themselves. All in all, make every effort to preserve the warmth, cloyingness and accountability breathing within the word called: LOVE.


  1. when hours get converted to moments & in case of married ones like me when years feel like months :)

    1. I had almost forgotten about this post,I could have posted it on indiblogger on the occassion of Valentine's Day. Anyways It is late but will post it in indiblogger as whole February month is considered appropriate for love.

      Thanx for visiting and commenting.

  2. wonderful.. pink letters for a pink day :)
    as you said, love is in air let's breath